Howland, Paul (Hornby)

Paul (Hornby) Howland
Evangelism, Internet, Preaching, Teaching
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Buttonwoods Bible Chapel, Warwick, Rhode Island, USA in 1981
After the Lord Jesus Christ saved us from sin, He brought us together at Bible college. We were married in 1972 and had our first child in 1973. We lived in Paris for a short time from 1973 to 1974. We had our second child in 1976. By 1981 we were commended to full time work in France by two assemblies in Rhode Island. After language school we served in the assembly in Aix-les-Bains. We moved to the center of France in 1983 and began an assembly work in Moulins sur Allier. After 17 years of evangelism and making of disciples, Deacons and Elders were appointed in the year 2000. Then we moved to Vichy. The "Assemblée Chrétienne de Vichy" is a New Testament type Christian Brethren Assembly located in the heart of France. It was pioneered many years ago by the parents of Priscilla (Hoy) Kalioudjoglou. Trifon and Priscilla served there for over 35 years as did many others. Many were saved and had gone on to serve the Lord, but by the year 2000 there were only 4 in attendance and one was not a believer ! We answered the call to "come over and help"(Acts 16v9). The assembly grew as the Lord added to His church. By 2009 we were able to appoint deacons and in 2011 a "Titus Team" to finish the work and appoint elders when the time comes. We went to the USA for cancer treatment for Faith where she passed into the presence of the Lord on July 12, 2012. I am now spending 6 months a year in France as an itinerant evangelist and teacher. The other 6 months I spend in the USA traveling and encouraging assemblies in overseas missions.
Ministry updates:
December through January were blessed by the Lord opening doors to North American ministry on personal evangelism. From Arizona to Idaho and then Alberta there is a real hunger to know how the Lord won thousands of people to trust Him as Savior, all in a short period of three years ! He DID say, "Follow me and I will make you fishers of men". Spring 2015 in France has been blessed by the Lord as I travelled again over 10,000 km teaching in French assemblies about becoming Fishers of Men. There is a real need to motivate and equip all believers to lead others to the Lord in France and in North America. So I will be doing the same itinerant ministry in North America for three months from June through August. Praise the Lord with me for the joy it has been to see Him save people in France as I share the Gospel along the way ! My latest news is at You will have to send me an email for the password to see the very special news and photos: If you would like to follow my Christian apologetics on Twitter, here is my address: