Loudon, John & Karen

John & Karen Loudon
Kalene Mission, Zambia
Children: Nathan 23, Jeannie 21, Julie 17, Joshua 14
Mission aviation, Discipleship work, Missionary guesthouse, Bookroom
Mailing Address:
Kalene Mission Hospital
Box 10, Ikelenge, N.W. Province
Cell: 260-97-974-3350
John and Karen lived in Kenya for 5 years and Tanzania for 7 years before moving to Zambia in 1996. They now serve the Lord at Kalene Mission in northwest Zambia with CMML Flight Service. John is the Operations Manager and a pilot/mechanic. John also leads a weekly Bible study for men from many local assemblies, with an emphasis on discipleship training. They go out to the various villages preaching the Gospel. He preaches frequently at the Kalene assembly and sometimes takes several sessions at the yearly conference. Karen's main contribution is as the Flight Follower, tracking the flight whenever John is flying, recording important details. Hospitality, bookroom, flight scheduling at the hangar - these are all on Karen's agenda at this time at Kalene. Karen and John have also been involved with Sakeji Mission School, John is on the board, and Karen in teaching or on the PTA. They have 4 children, all of whom have attended Sakeji School. The youngest one, Joshua, is in 8th grade. Julie is in grade 11 at Rift Valley Academy in Kenya. Jeannie is in her 3rd year at Emmaus Bible College majoring in Elementary Education. Nathan, after spending 3 years at Moody Bible Institute (missionary aviation), is now attending The Ezekiel Project School of Evangelism near Detroit, Michigan. Please pray for them.
Kalene Mission, Zambia

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