Today's Missionaries

CMML’s Missionary Prayer Handbook lists more than 700 missionaries commended by United States and Canadian Assemblies. The Handbook is arranged by country and by day of the month to encourage readers to pray for every missionary at least once a month. The names listed below correspond with today’s date in the Handbook.

Marquez, Joseph & RamonaParaguayMore Info
Meiers, Michael & SaraParaguayMore Info
Cacho-Hansen, Wilser & NicolePeruMore Info
Cenepo-Torres, Pablo & SarahPeruMore Info
Clark, JoelPeruMore Info
Clark, Thomas & CarolPeruMore Info
Harknett, Richard & PamelaPeruMore Info
Hocking, Peter & MartaPeruMore Info
Howell, KristinaPeruMore Info
Hulshizer, Miss BeckyPeruMore Info
Lichty, Jedidiah & ShaomiPeruMore Info

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