Our Staff

CMML Directors

Robert F. Dadd
732-449-8880, ext. 111
Allan R. Wilks
Vice President, Technology
Thomas J. Turner
Vice President, Publishing
732-449-8880, ext. 102
John A. Collette
Robert Carpenter
Robert Q. Bennett
Joel Hernandez
P. Joseph Raju
Thomas J. Schetelich
Stephen Swaim
Kenneth Switzer

CMML Staff

Heather Zappella
Office Administrator
732-449-8880, ext. 108
Marilyn Brown
Data Entry
Joe Cannata
Staff Accountant
732-449-8880, ext. 110
Russ Click
Building Maintenance
Annie Elliott
Magazine Editor
732-449-8880, ext. 103
Craig Fritchey
Conference Coordinator
732-449-8880, ext. 106
Peg Hart
732-449-8880, ext. 100
Jennifer Rogers
Special Projects Coordinator / Donor Relations
732-449-8880, ext. 130
Phil Parsons
Assembly Relations & Missionary Care
732-449-8880, ext. 104

CMML Advisers

Paul B. Gilkenson
Steve Price
Medical Adviser


Brian Kramer
Short-Term Service Coordinator
Marilyn Risden
Clothing Center Manager
732-449-8880, ext. 105
Mr. & Mrs. Malonson
Marie Myers
Clothing Center Adviser
Judy Gallagher
Helen Dadd

CMML Guest Home

Mary Parsons
Guest Home Hostess
732-449-8880, ext. 216

CMML's office staff is available to assist you if you have questions. You may contact us during normal office hours 8:30 a.m. – 4:30 p.m. (Monday–Friday, Eastern Time).

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