Step 3: Train


Depending on the extent of your missions commitment (whether missions trip, short-term, or long term), the appropriate training will differ. The amount of learning and practical preparation for a two week trip will be vastly different from what’s necessary for those leaving for a permanent residence in another nation or culture. Wherever you decide to receive the training you need, put your all into it. There are many resources available which will not only save you months or years of learning things the hard way but will also save you from making many mistakes which can do damage and limit the effectiveness of your ministry.

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Original copy by MSC Canada. Revised and republished with permission by CMML.

Depending on the type of mission work and the term of service, CMML strongly recommends that mission workers prepare themselves for the mission field through secular employment and by receiving quality training. The time you devote to preparing for the work the Lord is calling you to will be used by Him to help you be more effective on the foreign field. Here are some recommended training options:


Missionary Orientation Program (MOP)
Jointly run by CMML and MSC Canada 

Normally MOP is held in June at Greenwood Hills Bible Conference in Fayetteville, PA, USA.

MOP helps to prepare those considering the mission field, or recently commended to missionary service overseas, to be effective once they arrive on the field. CMML highly recommends that you make plans to attend this helpful program in preparation for the foreign field.

Seminar topics include:

  • The Role of the Missionary Among Nationals
  • The Biblical Perspective of Missions
  • The Missionary Call & Guidance
  • Service Organizations & Final Preparations
  • Relating to Other Cultures
  • Language Acquisition & Aptitude
  • Missionaries' Lifestyles on the Field
  • The Disciplined Life
  • Cross-Cultural Evangelism Methods
  • Interpersonal Relationships
  • Stewardship, Accountability & Commendation

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First Serve


Supported by Echoes of Service, Interlink, and Tilsley College (GLO Europe)

 FirstServe is a gap program for individuals 18-25 years old designed to give a taste of service in the UK and overseas that includes four elements:

 Mission Orientation & Training (two weeks)

  1. UK Church Placement (four weeks)
  2. Overseas Experience (three to six months)
  3. Discipleship & Mission Study Course (two half-days per week).

 The aim of this program is to invest in and disciple young people across the brethren movement and churches with a similar ethos and to provide resources that enable them to think through discipleship issues including prayer, relationships, family life, career, the use of time, money and missions.

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The Ezekiel Project

The Ezekiel Project
Located in Detroit, Michigan

The School of Evangelism
TEPSE is a nine month program that combines the classroom teaching of God’s Word with practical experiences in evangelism. The coursework is not mere theory as students are required to participate in weekly evangelistic efforts at nearby college campuses and various ministry trips throughout the year. The fusion of information and experience helps students make the transition from the classroom to the world.

Basic & Advanced Training Seminars
The Basic Training Seminar introduces the why and how of open air evangelism by teaching techniques in preaching, painting, witnessing, and other specialized skills. The seminar includes 5 full days of extensive classroom lectures, workshops, and the actual participation in the evangelism ministry on the street.

The Advanced Training Seminar is a one week seminar that builds upon the concepts taught at the Basic Training Seminar emphasizing techniques and tools used for reaching children. This training is very effective for those currently involved in children’s work such as Vacation Bible School, Sunday School, children’s Bible clubs or camp ministry. A prerequisite for attending this seminar is the completion of the Basic Training Seminar.

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The STEP Program
A two-week mission training and outreach program held in Los Angeles, California

STEP gives the opportunity for those feeling led to learn about the challenges and joys of cross-cultural mission work to receive practical teaching from the New Testament with regard to ministry and cultural studies. Along with learning effective evangelism tools, participants also learn what it means to evangelize cross-culturally.

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Good News

Good News on the Move or Canada Cruisers

The Good News on the Move (GNOM) gospel team is a group of committed Christian men who devote a year of evangelistic work in the US.  They usually work one to two months in an area with local assemblies sharing the gospel through door to door evangelism, open air preaching, Bible studies, kid’s clubs, and other activities. The program includes an intensive year-long doctrinal training and discipleship program that coincides with the practical evangelism efforts.

GNOM is currently in recess. More information is coming soon.

Cross Canada Cruisers is a team of young men traveling across Ontario with the good news of Jesus Christ. Using antique cars as a means to draw crowds and engage in conversations, opportunities abound to point men and women to Jesus Christ. Over the course of the summer they will spend a week or more with a number of different assemblies assisting in gospel outreach in a variety of means.

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Emmaus Bible College
Located in Dubuque, Iowa

The mission of Emmaus Bible College, as an institution of higher learning, is to glorify God by teaching the Bible and by educating and equipping learners to serve and lead in churches, ministries, communities, and vocations. A number of Degree programs are offered including a Bachelor’s in Inter-Cultural studies designed for potential missionaries as well as a Certificate in Biblical Studies: a one-year program designed to provide the student with a basic understanding of the Bible.

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