Regional Conference- Claremont, CA

October 8, 2016


Tim Marcy (Japan) 
Ken Hardisty (Philippines)

Location: Claremont Bible Chapel
                432 W. Harrison Avenue
                Claremont, CA 91711

About the Theme:

Asia is a wide-open mission field! People who have been closed off to the Good News of Jesus Christ are hungry to hear His Word. People in China, Korea and the Philippines are coming to Christ in record numbers. Other areas of Asia, such as Nepal, Vietnam and Myanmar, face opposition from government and religious authorities but are still responding to the Gospel. Meanwhile, Japan stands as a country completely open to missionaries, in the legal sense, but incredibly closed, dark and needy when it comes to spiritual things. Join us as we hear about the needs, challenges and blessings of those who serve in the great continent of Asia.

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