COVID-19 Update

April 15, 2020

Meeting Mission Field Needs Caused by COVID-19

CMML continues to receive inquiries about giving to meet the needs caused by the COVID-19 pandemic. This crisis is unlike previous disasters, which were largely isolated to specific geographic areas. In those situations, we were able to create a focused disaster fund administered by local, reliable Christians who could identify and meet specific needs.

In contrast, the current crisis is geographically diffused. It is impacting virtually every part of the world at various times with different levels of severity. The best way we can address these needs is by continuing to provide funds to the network of missionaries around the world that the Lord has already established. While a small number of these workers have returned home for various reasons, including health and government requirements, the majority are still serving abroad.

This network has been meeting the spiritual and practical needs of those they serve for many years. They are integrated within local assemblies, they know the local people and requirements, and can efficiently distribute funds as the needs grow more critical.

Therefore, we encourage Christians and local assemblies to continue to give to the missionaries they already know and support. We are confident that the Lord will use these channels to meet the growing needs before we even know about them, and He will receive glory that is rightfully His.

Another way to give to urgent needs is through CMML’s “Where Needed Most” fund. We use this fund to distribute to missionaries as we learn of needs. Giving to the “Where Needed Most” fund is an exciting way to come into fellowship with missionaries you may not have previously known.

This is a defining moment in our generation. At home and abroad there is renewed interest in the message of hope found in the Gospel and many are coming to a saving knowledge of Jesus Christ. May the Lord be honored as we seek to work together in more focused and generous ways to serve those who serve.

Bob Dadd, CMML president