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Russell, Robert & Cecilia

Training and load-sharing in maturing church
Camp-work, jails, women, drug addicts, and in rehabs
Evangelism through Social Involvement
Pine Ridge Bible Chapel, Oshawa, ON, Canada in 0001
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Cecilia was born in Mercedes, Uruguay and raised in a Catholic home but going to Sunday School around the corner at the first chapel in this same city of 45,000 people. Saved at 15 her faith was tested repeatedly, but her Calling to serve overcame even bright, lifetime prospects. We Russells arrived in 1968; Lionel & Irene (Hamilton) being my parents and my siblings; Ken, age 15, Philip & Phyllis 8, and myself (Rob), 13. Art & Hazel were older and prefered to stay in Canada to work and study. My Dad´s practical Bible studies impacted my life as he preached for the new-comers, and soon I was baptized and seeing a missionary life ahead of me. After completing the 3 years of Bible School in neighboring Argentina and being married to Cecilia during the last two, in Canada both of us worked for three and a half years. We were active in our later commending assembly, but after fulfilling that proposed time, pulled up roots again in obedience to our concience and Calling. April 1978 found us back in Mercedes, heading up the camp work and soon quite alone in a time of reconstruction of the local assembly. Upon our return we were almost 3 years self-supporting. My parents were in Dolores, Ken and Eunice in Rosario and Tom Lutley soon to leave for Trinidad. Missionary activity has been in the highways and byways, open-air and door to door. Many people are won for the Lord through our involvement in the community and with govenment institutions. People come to us to solve their tragedies, bury their dead and preach a change into a son on drugs or in jail. The assembly outreach is large. We have 4 children and 11 grands!