Richard, Lucas & Lois

Lucas & Lois Richard
Monrovia, LIBERIA
Preaching the Gospel & Making Disciples, Planting a NT-church, Youth Ministry-Outreach & Discipleship, Grace Christian Academy-Educating youth in a country with an 80% illiteracy rate, Medical Mission
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106 Monteigne Dr
Lafayette, LA 70506
Cell: 337-849-8777
Cell: +231770482740
Spouse_cell: 337-849-0977
Cell: +231770482755
Creekside Church , Urbandale, IA, USA in 2016
Needham Gospel Chapel, Needham, AL, USA in 2016

Lois and I are Assembly commended missionaries serving our LORD in Liberia, West Africa. Our calling is simple...preach the Gospel, make disciples, and plant New Testament patterned Assemblies in Liberia. Lois comes from an Assembly background and was saved at the age of 7. She went on to become very active in her Assembly as the director of the kids Sonday school and later the TNT director for the TNT AWANA age group. The LORD has gifted her in working with children and it is evident in her sweet nurturing spirit and love for the kids. Lois studied a one-year Bible certificate at Emmaus Bible College and earned her Bachelors of Arts in Biochemistry-Cell and Molecular Biology at Drake University in Des Moines, IA and worked as a CNA for four years before marrying me and going to the mission field. I did not grow up in the Assemblies, but was raised in the Roman Catholic Church. I was saved at the age of 18, after a long and turbulent teenage bought with drugs. The LORD reached out to me frequently through my child-hood through various believers that I met, but at 18 years old I heard the Gospel and was convicted of GOD's justice, HIS righteous standard, my sinful depravity, and my need of the Savior. Having been convicted by the SPIRIT of GOD and understanding my desperate need of a Savior, I put my faith in CHRIST alone to save me. The LORD accomplished an unimaginable change in my life, and I was indeed born-again as a new creation in CHRIST. I came into the Assemblies shortly after being saved and was discipled by Phil Abshire, who patiently and wisely invested in me as a believer and encouraged me to serve the LORD. I am currently studying a Bachelor of Arts in Bible and Theology. I served in Ireland and Africa for four years with Ireland Outreach International. My wife Lois joined me on the mission field following our marriage in 2014. In December of 2014 my visa to remain in Ireland was denied because of my missionary status and we were forced to leave the country. After being back in the United States and seeking the LORD for 2 years, Lois and I have responded to the calling to serve the LORD full-time in Liberia.

Concise Update and Prayer Requests for the LORD's Work in Liberia:
1) GRACE CHRISTIAN ACADEMY is closing its first school year in July. We then have teachers training, summer school, and preparations to open the next school year in September. 2) TAHN BIBLE CHURCH is growing, we have several new believers, discipleship is ongoing, and the Gospel is going out. Please pray for the discipleship in the local Assembly and for its growth and edification. 3) SHIPPING CONTAINER is in Louisiana fully packed and ready to ship. Please pray for the LORD's provision and grace as we ship and clear the container through the port in Liberia. This can be a long and arduous process, but GOD is faithful!! 4) SHORT-TERM MISSIONS We thank GOD for raising up 7 believers from the US who are serving with us in Liberia in May, July, and August. Please pray as we serve together with these saints in teaching, preaching the Gospel, do medical outreaches to poor rural villages, train our school teachers, and work on various construction/renovation projects together. 5) BIBLE SCHOOL We thank GOD for our recent shipment of Bible Study Courses from Everyday Publications in Canada! We are working to compile the curriculum, renovate our facilities, and ultimately opening the Bible School at the beginning of 2019. Your prayers for this process of preparations would be much appreciated! 6) MALARIA AND SCABBIES have run rampant in our school as we approach the rainy season. Please pray for our students and staff, for their health. We have been helping to treat the Malaria and Scabies and are looking into implementing a prophylaxis regimen for the entire school. 7) EVANGELISM AND DISCIPLESHIP: Several Liberian's in our village, including muslims, have professed to put their trust in CHRIST. Please pray for them as we encourage, teach, and work with them in discipleship. Praise the LORD!!
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Monrovia, LIBERIA