Seeman, Mindy

Mindy Seeman
Nairobi, Kenya
Teaching, Orphan Work
Mailing Address:
P.O. Box 14146
Nairobi, Kenya 00800
Des Moines Gospel Chapel, Des Moines, WA, United States in 0002
“Jesus loves the little children of the world…red and yellow, black and white…” My goal and vision is to do the same. I work at Rosslyn Academy, which serves students from 42 different countries. I have the privilege of working with children from different races and backgrounds in an environment where I can share my faith every day. My vision is that they would see how much Jesus loves them and go out and show others that love. I also have the opportunity to “look after orphans” (James 1:27). There is an orphanage very near to Rosslyn Academy where I spend a lot of time. I also am able to take a baby home on the weekends to give them more love and attention. I hope to show them that Jesus loves them even as they feel abandoned by their earthly parents.
January 2014 Update:
2014…I came to Kenya 6 years ago. 6. Wow. Never in my wildest dreams did I imagine all that God would do in those 6 years. As I look back and reflect on times of joy, times of sorrow, times of change, times of rest, I see His hand in all of it. He indeed is good! The last few months I have seen His hand move in mighty ways. I have watched as He held up this country I live in and love, as He comforted His saints, as He drew, and continues to draw, people to Himself. How blessed I am that God chooses to use me here, that He allows me to see a part of what He is doing. Here are some of the ways I have seen His hand move in the past few months… He brought my family here! In November my parents and brother came to Nairobi. I absolutely loved having them here. I loved watching my dad and brother experience Kenya for the first time. I loved watching my family see God’s hand work here: in the school, in my life, in Village Project Africa. While in the village about 6 hours from here, we were able to visit a family with literally nothing. They had 6 kids in a house smaller that most people’s bathrooms. The dad was sick so the mom had to work. The roof leaked. It is easy to see that and wonder where God is. But then you see Him provide. A new house for this family. Food to last them a while. Sponsors for their kids so they can attend school. Even before this need was brought to the attention of the ministry, God knew. He cared. He continues to care. And how blessed are we to be able to be the hands and feet of Jesus. How often do I walk by and not miss those opportunities to be His hands and feet? May I be used by Him! He is healing those who were involved, directly and indirectly, in the mall attack in September. My little one who was in there is doing much better. She will still be affected for years to come, but her smile is coming back. There is joy little by little. Will you continue to pray for her? There is a lot of healing to come, but I believe that my God is faithful! Please pray for her mom as well as she continues to process her own grief while helping her daughter. He has removed fear from many people here of going to the malls and other public places. I pray that the healing continues and that He convicts the hearts of these terrorists. He is so present in my students! This class loves to worship more than any other I have had. They could literally spend an hour singing praise songs to our King. They love to read His word and spend time praying. There is nothing like the heartfelt prayer of a second grader to remind me of the power of prayer. Please pray that they would continue to know Him more, to seek after Him in all they do and say. I am excited to have a student teacher from Emmaus here until May as well. It is great to share the joy of my students with her. Please pray that I would be a good example to her and let Him shine through me. He provides for the orphans! After many years, the orphanage where I am involved was finally able to move into their new building! The babies all have their own beds now! It is beautiful and such a testimony to the goodness of God. As I walk in there, I praise Him for protecting these precious little ones. Many of them would not be alive if their parents had their ways. But God leads people to find these babies in ditches, tied up in bags, left at the hospital. I celebrate that they are alive while my heart aches for the day when sin will be done away with. I rejoice in all the babies I have fostered that have been adopted. I haven’t been able to keep one more than a month or two before they get adopted. Praise God! I now have baby 11 with me. I love watching her smile and play with her toys. May she grow up to be a great woman of God! What an amazing God we serve! I was able to visit Israel over Christmas. How much I enjoyed seeing where Jesus walked and talked! He is real and worth following. I was reminded over and over that I need to walk and talk like Jesus. May I be like Him to all that I am around! Thank you friends for praying for me, for walking this journey with me. May you feel His presence today.
Nairobi, Kenya