Ramirez, Christian & Pilar

Christian & Pilar Ramirez
Bogota, Colombia
Children: Gabriela 121, Daniel 121
Teaching, Discipleship, Training
Mailing Address:
Calle 152 No 48-04
Apt 312
Phone: 832-324-8081
Edmond's Lane Bible Chapel, Lewisville, Tx, USA in 1900
Ministry Updates:
Last month we reached a year of coming to Colombia! As always, the Lord has been faithful to our family, taking care of all of us and helping us to adjust to this new and exciting way of living! Our main prayer as we returned was to be used by the Lord to equip the Saints in Colombia, by his grace we've had plenty of opportunities to do that. Our main ministry has been at the Emmaus Bible Institute where Christian was able to teach a couple of courses for the last two semesters, it is a growing work we get around 100 students from the 20 assemblies spread in the city, but we are praying for wisdom and guidance as to how to reach more people, and target the leaders in each congregation. Christian has been able to become more acquainted with the different assemblies in the city as he has been able to preach on a different place almost every Sunday for the last 6 months. We also had a beautiful season of camps, and were involved in Youth Leaders and Teenagers retreat as well as some conferences. It is exciting to see Youth following Christ and be able to pour out lives in service for them! This coming weekend Nov 9-11 Christian will be teaching along a national worker in a retreat for all the assemblies in the area. The main topic is Conflict resolution and the goal is to equip the leaders in each assembly to face conflict in a God honoring manner that will display the gospel and not the works of the flesh! Do pray for us! Pilar's time adjusting to everything has been a little rough, it really makes you depend more on the Lord when you have to change all of your lifestyle. She has been able to get involved with the Sunday School ministry in our local church, and found a group of believers who are also homeschooling kids close to our age, that alone has been a great blessing and encouragement for all the family. Gabriela and Daniel are growing fast! They are both very active and very smart kids, although Gaby still asks when we are going back to Dallas, she has made new friends here and thinks more of Colombia as her home. Her Spanish is getting so much better, you have to envy the speed in which kids get the language. Daniel has begun to talk more, he is babbling both in Spanish and English which is quite entertaining! As a family it's been a time of many adjustments, we are just now starting to get a hang of how ministry and family time will work together, and are praying to the Lord for a place to live since we have to move again at the end of December, this will be our 4th move in a year and a half! We are always ready to go whenever He wants us to, but we do pray we may find a place we can stay for more than year. Thanks for praying for us! The Ramirez Family
Bogota, Colombia