Lichty, Jedidiah & Shaomi

Jedidiah & Shaomi Lichty
Cascas, Gran Chimu - La Libertad, Peru
Children: Hadassah 5, Azariah 3
Evangelism, Discipleship, Home Bible studies, Church planting, Social work (Nursing care)
Mailing Address:
c/o Centro Biblico Trujillo
Av. Larco 1069
Trujillo, PERU
Cell: 979-097-587
Phone: 044-736008
Comopolis Gospel Chapel, Cosmopolis, WA, USA in 2012
Ministry Updates:
October 13, 2017 Dear friends and family, Thank you all so much for putting us in your prayers! Shaómi and I have finally adjusted to things here since we came back from the states in August. We have started up our Good News Club, Women’s Bible Study, and Youth Group. Each of these ministries have more people every week. These ministries along with the others occupy us a lot but we are grateful that many are hearing the Gospel and we know now that a few understand the Gospel and their need of the Jesus in their lives. Even though they know of their need they have things in their lives that they do not want to give up. Pray that these women, teens, and children would receive Jesus as their Lord and Saviour; giving up what keeps them away from receiving the Gospel. Last week we went to a Missionary Retreat sponsored by CMML, to share on how the work of the Lord is doing in Cascas and also to fellowship with the other missionaries to many different places in Peru. We had a great time and were encouraged. Please pray that God would use us missionaries to His honor and glory. Also that the ministries that we are involved in would be fruitful for His kingdom. This week we visited the people in San Felipe. It was great to go back and see how they were doing and see when we could start up a Bible study. Some have agreed to study the Word with us as others aren’t so sure because their kids have double school time and homework due to the disaster that affected Peru early this year. Please pray that God would open hearts to Salvation through Jesus alone. This Sunday I will be going to Lima as I need to go to the Embassy to do some paperwork and see how our plans are going to be next year. As you may know we will be heading to States next year to visit with family and with many assemblies. We plan on heading up in early February, but we will find out if we are able to do that after being at the Embassy. Please pray for us as we plan for next year. This Tuesday, we will be going up to Máncora to visit our contacts there. We desire to start a Bible Study as there are some that have given their lives to the Lord. We are in contact with many of them through Facebook and see their eagerness on doing Emmaus Courses. Pray for us during our visit there as we will be there two days. We encourage you all to pray for us as a family as we are in some tough times. We need lots of prayer for Shaómi and I that we would have wisdom and grace on how to raise our family in the things of the Lord. Pray for Hadassah as she has a hard time siting down, obeying, etc. Sometimes we feel overwhelmed especially during the church meetings and Bible Studies. We wish sometimes that we’d have more brethren helping us but we know that we need to be content with what God has given us. Please pray that we would have strength to continue what we are called to do. In Christ, Jed, Shaómi, Hadassah, and Azariah
Cascas, Gran Chimu - La Libertad, Peru