Neiswender, Douglas & Ho Sook

Douglas & Ho Sook Neiswender
Seoul, South Korea
Hospitality, Establishing ongoing assembly work, Visiting, Shepherding, Evangelistic Bible studies
Mailing Address:
Daewoo Apt. 105-1901, Shingok Dong,
Uijeongbu City, 480-721
Phone: 82-31-856-1556
Cell: 82-10-8181-1559
Doug went to Korea in 1966 from Colorado at his own expense. Only his home assembly knew of his going. He was commended by them in 1966. With no promise of help or support he went trusting only the Lord as he had very little money. Praise the Lord though that has been his least concern from then till now. He got by, by living very simply. 1972 Ho Sook and Doug were married. They had very little to start with, but the Lord has continually provided for them and His work in Korea. 1983 Northeast Colorado Springs, Colorado commended both of them to the Lord's work in Korea. In 1966 South Korea was very poor with very few assemblies. By God's grace the gospel has gone out and there are now more than 200 assemblies. Korea is now prosperous and more than 20 families have gone out as commended foreign missionaries. Praise the Lord and pray.
Seoul, South Korea