Flock, Bernd & Karin

Bernd & Karin Flock
Church growth, Christian student ministries in the assembly, Discipleship, Mentoring, Teaching, Counseling
Mailing Address:
Neupauerweg 85/III/12
8052 Graz, AUSTRIA
Phone: 43-650-3466-453
Bendale, Scarborough, ON, Canada in 0001
Westmount, Thunder Bay, ON, Canada in 0001
Farrand St., Thunder Bay, ON, Canada in 0001
Karin and I were married in April 1975. I still had a year left finishing my honors BSc. in Marine Biology. In October 1976 we left for a year with OM, hoping to go on the ship, but ending up in Austria for 20 instead of 10 months. After getting home in May 1978 I (Bernd) go a job as a consultant for the provincial and federal governments in water pollution control. In August 1982 we left for the DIPT program in California. In October 1983 we came back to Austria to help in evangelism and church planting. In September 2007 we changed our ministry from leading in the churches, to mentoring and our main emphasis went to helping the christian student work in our fellowship. We disciple, evangelize, do pre-marriage counseling and mentoring.