Ward, Jonathan & Rachel

Jonathan & Rachel Ward
Entrepierres, France
Providing rest, refreshment, debriefing and pastoral care for those in ministry in the French-speaking world
Mailing Address:
Le Vieux Village
04200 Entrepierres
Office: +33 963 213 962

We are passionate about contributing to fulfilling the Great Commission by helping missionaries stay on the field and remain healthy—spiritually, relationally, emotionally and physically. According to findings published by the Missions Commission of the World Evangelical Alliance, half of those who leave the field each year do so for preventable reasons, such as team conflict, marriage conflict, lack of a clear sense of call, immature spiritual life, poor cultural adaptation, lack of job satisfaction, inadequate supervision, and burnout. Our purpose, therefore, is to help God's servants maintain and renew their health and their passion for ministry, and thus remain effective in pursuing their call to reach people with the gospel of Jesus Christ. We are accomplishing this by providing them with rest, spiritual refreshment and pastoral care that is within their means. Jonathan was born in Toronto and raised in France, where his parents began serving God in 1966. Rachel was born in Africa to Swiss missionary parents, and was raised in Angola and Namibia. Together they direct a center for the care of Christian workers serving within French-speaking Europe, where their involvement includes debriefing, counseling and hospitality to servants from all backgrounds. Trained as a clinical counsellor (Trinity Western University, British Columbia), Jonathan is president of the European Ministry Support Network, providing help and resources to people in ministry throughout French-speaking Europe. He also serves on the board of Member Care Europe and on the executive board of the Federation of Francophone Evangelical Missions.

Entrepierres, France