Preaching and teaching the Word, Encouraging leadership, Evangelism, Encouraging new believers
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Fairhaven Bible Chapel, San Leandro, CA, USA in 1987

Erich came to the Lord as a teenager in California. He met the woman he would marry while they served on an Operation Mobilization team in Berlin doing gospel outreach among guest workers and refugees. They married in 1984 and Erich entered the Discipleship Intern Training Program at his home assembly in San Leandro, California, in 1985. Erich was commended from Fairhaven Bible Chapel in 1987, and moved to Istanbul, Turkey, in 1988. He and his wife learned Turkish there, then moved to Diyarbakir on the upper Tigris River. Erich and his family co-laobored with a handful of servants of the Lord there, and a new church was born. By that time, they were a family of seven. In 1999 they moved to the west of the country, to a town next to the ruins of Ephesus, where Erich taught courses at a Bible school and preached at the church which hosted the school. His work in eastern side of the country continued with monthly week-long itineraries. The family moved to the Izmir (Smyrna) area, where in 2003 they began to help a new team that was planting a church. Erich preached, met with the leadership, did small scale Kurdish-language Bible readings, and continued his eastern itineraries a few times yearly. In 2009 the family returned to California to facilitate their children’s entry to universities and adult life. Erich's wife obtained her teaching certification and teaches public elementary school, while Erich studied for his BA in IR, and MA in History at San Francisco State University. Erich was able to study the Middle East and the Mediterranean, both ancient and modern, including languages that aid his ministry. Since 2014 Erich has been travelling extensively between the eastern Mediterranean and the Caspian Sea, to teach the Word of God and encourage believers. Erich is accompanied by his wife on some travels to the Middle East, as her schedule allows. His present focus is in Iraq, among the Kurdish people, while he also maintains a network of ministry friendships in nearby countries.

Ministry Updates:
I have tickets to travel to the field--mostly the Middle East--departing September 8, and returning October 28th. COVID is reportedly on the rise in some of the areas where I will travel. Since March I suspended my ministry trips because of the uncertainties of quarantines for people arriving in the places I need to go. Now, however, there is excellent testing available at two of my destination and transit airports. While here in California I am enjoying meeting over Zoom with an extended family of new believers from a Yezidi background, residing in Ukraine; and with a handful of Christian leaders from Muslim backgrounds, as well. It was a pleasure to present five sermons through live-streaming, to my home assembly on the covenants of God. They are available at While State-side and available, I continue to teach via Zoom, through the Old Testament (II Chronicles) at Parkside Gospel Chapel in San Francisco. Tomorrow and the following day, we remember the life of Betty Alfonso, and old-timer at Parkside, who went to be with the Lord after a heroic struggle with cancer.