Reyes, Marcus & Jennifer

Marcus & Jennifer Reyes
Orizaba, Veracruz, Mexico
Children: Rebekah 20, Joshua 16, Josiah 14, Caleb 11, Zoe 9, Noah 7, Amelia 4
Church planting, pastoring, discipleship, evangelism
Cell: +522721391441
Ardsley Bible Chapel, Ardsley , Philadelphia, USA in 2020
Frostproof Bible Chapel, Frostproof, Florida, USA in 2020

My wife Jennifer and I with our 7 children have been serving the Lord in Mexico since 1999.   We plant churches among the Nahuatl people in the mountains who are Aztec descendants and among the Spanish speakers in the cities of Mexico.  Planting churches involves pastoring, discipleship, evangelism, and visitation.  I am also an itinerant preacher among many local churches throughout the country and Latin America.  I am involved in helping the needy Spanish speakers in New York City who gather weekly to receive goods by New York Gospel Mission.  I preach them the gospel for 30 minutes a week before they are able to receive help.  I also am involved in open-air preaching in the hospitals and door to door evangelism.  I preach in many conferences especially on doctrine, Sacred Home Ministries and Homeschool.  We seek to know the Lord Jesus, love Him, serve Him and make Him known to others.  Grace and peace.

Orizaba, Veracruz, Mexico