Turkey Campground Ministry

Turkey Campground Ministry
Elazig, Turkey
Camp and conference ministry

We pray and dream of building a retreat center for Christians in the south-east of Turkey! A retreat center for Christians in Turkey A place with plenty of space for the diverse family and children's camps, seminars, conferences and discipleship training of the local churches. A place of retreat for recreation for staff, church members as well as guests. An economically and ecologically balanced retreat center that can make an important contribution to strengthening the churches and spreading the Gospel.

How it all started: Since 1997, a family camp has been held every year with churches from south-eastern Turkey. The camp started with only 45 participants, but over time the congregations grew and the venues became too small. In recent years we have held the camp at Lake Hazar near the city of Elazig. Unfortunately, we had to change the location several times and every year we ask ourselves where we can hold the family camp. In the meantime, more than 200 people take part in these camps, most of them staying in tents. A children's camp is also held at the same time and place. There are a number of other youth camps and a women's conference also held in the region.

The Lake Hazar Lake Hazar, is located in eastern Turkey between the cities of Elazig and Diyarbakir, very close to the Euphrates River. This is an ideal place as it is easily accessible by train, car and plane. There is an adventure park nearby and the lake is near a popular ski area.


What are we planning?

The retreat center consists of a residential complex and a meeting room. This can accommodate up to 300 people and can easily be converted into a dining area with free access to the outside. For the children's work we are planning a separate building, with an attached playground and an open field for group games. In addition, we plan to have football and basketball courts and possibly a swimming pool if the property is not located by the lake.

Two residential complexes with rooms for up to 144 people are to be built - complete with bathroom, kitchenette and balcony (24 4-bed and 2-bed rooms each).

The sketches in the attachment below give further impressions of the planning.


Organizing institution We are known as GÖK (Güneydogu-Önder-Kurulu), Evangelical Church Federation of Southeast Turkey, which currently has 22 churches as members. GÖK organizes the family, youth and children's camps, as well as the annual women's and leaders' conference. Its aim is to equip the churches of Southeast Turkey and to spread the Gospel. Since most of the churches have no legal status because they are not recognized by the government, the retreat center is run by the Diyarbakir Protestant Church Foundation (Diyarbakir Protestan Kilisesi Vakfi).

The board, consisting of two Turkish pastors and three foreign staff members, exercises the supervisory function.


Financing in 4 Steps For the realization of the vision, we have divided the financing into 4 steps:

1. purchase of a suitable site: approx. $200,000 .

2. construction of a meeting room, kitchen and sanitary facilities: approx. $300,000.

3. construction of the housing complex: approx. $300.000

4. construction of a recreational area (playground, football, volleyball and basketball courts, if necessary a swimming pool): approx. $200.000

With kind regards Ahmet Güvener, Vahit Yıldız, Jerry Mattix, Tim Luibrand and Susanne Geske Contact Tim Luibrand info@hazartesisleri.com GÖK—Güneydogu-Önder-Kurulu (Evangelical Church Federation of Southeast Turkey) in cooperation with CMML.

Elazig, Turkey