Peterson, Karl & Glynn

Karl & Glynn Peterson
Africa, South Africa
Children: Elsa 25, Cole 24, Sonia 22, Lael 19, Phillemon 19, Johanna 19
Bible School Teaching, Leadership Conferences, Literature
Mailing Address:
8403 Ponderosa Ln
Parker, Colorado 80138

In 1995, Karl, Glynn and six-month old Elsa headed off to Portugal where we spent a year working on the Portuguese language in preparation for our work in Mozambique. A week after we landed in the capital city, Maputo, we were paired up with a Mozambican evangelist and told to start two churches and begin teaching in a Bible School. When we arrived at the Bible school we found only one student! The school had been weakening over the years and so I was given the directorship of the work with the hopes of resurrecting it. Teaching theology in the urban Third World is a challenge, but worth the effort. At the beginning I did most of the teaching but by the end of my ten years with the school, I enjoyed sitting back and watching the six Mozambican instructors teach through our newly revised curriculum. Today the school is entirely in Mozambican hands and moving on into other provinces. Good church leaders need good books and conferences - one of our chief burdens. We've teamed up with the Brazilian publisher, Editora Fiel, to send out one book a month to Mozambican pastors, evangelists, elders, Bible School teachers, etc. This three-year program has given a very useful library to many who otherwise have almost no access to good books. We then invite them and any other church leader to our annual conferences in July in Maputo and Nampula, Mozambique. The Lord has now led us to Cape Town, South Africa were I teach at the Bible Institute of South Africa - a wonderful opportunity to teach and train leaders for the African church.

Africa, South Africa