Clark, Ted & Priscilla

Ted & Priscilla Clark
Children: Caleb 30, Michael 28, Nathan 25, Kaitlin 23, Annie 17
Evangelism, Discipleship, Church planting, Camping and Bible conference, Radio, Book printing
Mailing Address:
Admin. Vasco de Quiroga
Apartado 15
Michoacan, Morelia
C.P. 58233, Mexico
Phone: 521-443-216-3041
Centerpoint Church, Dallas, TX, USA in 1992
The Clarks have ministered in the central area of Mexico since 1988. Their main focus has been evangelism and discipleship and the formation of new churches. They first worked in the city of Salamanca, where they left a work established in 1996. Then the Lord moved them to the mountains of Michoacán, just outside the large city of Morelia. There, He provided a beautiful piece of pine-covered property where they have slowly developed a camp/Bible conference center, and established a church among the people of the nearby rural villages. Camp Berea is used for youth camps and Bible conferences, again focusing on the main purposes of evangelism and discipleship. Ted and Priscilla were married in 1986 after attending the Moody Bible Institute. Ted is from Washington state and Priscilla grew up an MK in Guatemala. They have 5 children who are a great help and support in the ministry. They have all been homeschooled. They range in age from 8 to 21.