Frey, Miss Esther

Miss Esther Frey
San Juan, Puerto Rico
Bible correspondence courses, coordinating summer camps, helping in local church with women's ministry and music
Mailing Address:
P.O. Box 29232
San Juan, PUERTO RICO 00929-0232
Phone: 1-787-760-3579
Cell: 1-787-396-3605
Wallenstein Bible Chapel, Wallenstein, ON, Canada in 0001
Raised in a Christian family in Ontario, Canada. Accepted Christ at age 7. Did secretarial work for four years, then applied to Emmaus Bible School, where I studied from 1959 to 1962, then as bookkeeper until 1965. However, in 1960 I stayed home with my mother because of her illness. It was Sept. 1960 at the Toronto Ladies Missionary Conference that God called me to serve Him, but I did not know where. The verses were Psalm 32:8 and John 16:15. I was hesitant to share this with my parents, but when I did, the answer was "This is the moment we have been praying for." Then they shared with me their prayer at my birth to be a missionary. In 1962 my two week vacation was in Puerto Rico to help the Cooper family in DVBS. The Lord was working. I began Spanish classes, attended a bilingual assembly in downtown Chicago, then when the Director of Literature Crusades (International Teams) was looking for 35 in 65, I asked about a team going to Puerto Rico. He suggested I try a Spanish city so I signed up to go to Caracas, Venezuela. After our first year there, he told me they were taking a team to Puerto Rico, would I be interested. I said yes and I arrived in June 1966. Forty-five years later I am still here as director of the Emmaus Bible Correspondence course office. One of the first converts in 1967 corrects the courses and then I process them. God is faithful.
San Juan, Puerto Rico