Suarez, Enoel & Leisa

Enoel & Leisa Suarez
Santa cruz, Bolivia, Bolivia
Children: Rebeca 29, Andrea 26, Jessica 23, Elizabeth 21
Radio ministry, Translation, Leadership training, Evangelism, 4. River boat Ministry
Mailing Address:
casilla 5347,
santa cruz, Bolivia
South America
Phone: 591-3 357-8716
Southdale Bible Chapel, London, ON, Canada in 1900
Enoel Suarez was born and raised in Bolivia in a Christian home where his father was the pastor of a small church. He accepted the Lord at seven, and was baptized at fifteen. Enoel graduated from Hebron Theological Seminary and became involved as a full time worker in a church in Bolivia. Enoel met Leisa while she was on a missionary work team in Santa Cruz, Bolivia and they were married in October, 1990. In 1993, they were commended to the mission field in Bolivia from Southdale Bible Chapel. They are currently involved in four areas of ministry: a Christian radio station, seminars to train and teach leaders in the church, a Christian camp in Santa Cruz, and riverboat missionary work in the Beni, Bolivia.
Santa cruz, Bolivia, Bolivia