Pierce, Floyd & Helen

Floyd & Helen Pierce
Curitiba, Paraná, Brazil
Evangelism, Tract Distribution, Editor Ministry Magazine "AMADOS", Shepherding, Bible Correspondence Distribution, University Student Work
Mailing Address:
3405 Old Waterworks Rd
Springfield, IL 62702-1021
Phone: 217-544-7419
Cell: 217-622-7419
Grace Bible Chapel (old name Milton Avenue Chapel), Springfield, Illinois, USA in 1960
Stratford Park Bible Chapel (old name: Prospect Avenue Chapel), Champaign, Illinois, USA in 1961
Shawnee Bible Chapel, Carbondale, Illinois, USA in 1982
East Peoria Fellowship, East Peoria, Illinois, USA in 1982

Helen and I were born in Springfield, Illinois and met in High School. The assembly here began in 1953 where we helped in children's work, camp work at Lake Geneva Youth Camp in Wisconsin, literature distribution and teaching the Word of God in Sunday School and regular meetings. We were commended to the work in Brazil in 1960. In 1961 the assembly in Champaign, IL joined in our commendation. We arrived in Brazil in September, 1961. We settled in São Vicente, twin city of Santos, in the State of São Paulo, where we learned Brazilian Portuguese. In December, 1962 we moved to Curitiba, capital of the State of Paraná in Southern Brazil. From this center we helped establish assemblies, launched a ministry magazine, printed and distributed gospel literature. We cooperated with the camp work in Sousas, where the Lipsi family labor. In 1976 we returned to the USA for the education of our sons. In 1982 we were commended by two additional assemblies, one in Peoria and the other in Carbondale, Illinois. We retired from Brazil in 1996 due to health concerns for Floyd due to a colon resection and heart problems. Since then we have given help to Brazilian assemblies in the USA as well as distributing Bible correspondence courses in Portuguese and English by internet attachment and normal postal service. Three Christian schools were begun in Curitiba in 1997, one named in honor of Helen.

Latest News:
A month ago the doctor told me I (Floyd) needed to buy a hearing aid. When your wife has to point to the dashboard to inform you that the turn signal is still clicking, you know something is wrong. So today, April 20, 2012, I contracted for two hearing aids. I thought one would do, but the lady fitting them said no to my suggestion. We are on a two month trial period to see if I can put up with the newness of it all. It is hard to teach old dogs new tricks. So far today, everything is really loud, even the birds singing outside comes through clear. I may keep the hearing aids. Now at the end of July, we find that the hearing aids are working well. The sweltering heat causes sweat to interfere with their proper functioning, so I have to take them off when doing outdoor chores. Part of the purchase agreement included a sort of electric drying box to put them in every night. This helps to keep them working properly. We are thankful that Helen's heart problem, diastolic dysfunction, seems to be under control. Our long time primary care physician retired, so last month we had to get a lot of tests done for the new doctor we now have. He seems like a very nice man, suggested by our former doctor, so our personal records are being updated. So far there have been no new medications prescribed, just the same ones we have been taking. The extra help we have been receiving from a State of Illinois program for prescription cost reduction has been eliminated by decree of our governor, due to the near bankrupt condition of Illinois financial status. We are now back in the infamous doughnut hole again. Visits to assemblies in April and May in various parts of the east and southwest brought us into contact with new friends and old friends alike. As we have opportunity we plan to go further from home in coming months to inform assemblies of still open doors for missionary work in Brazil. The fields are still white unto harvest and we continue to pray the Lord of the harvest to send forth laborers. He is faithful to do so, we believe. Recently my brother-in-law asked me to give some technical help to a missionary who serves with Biblical Ministries Worldwide. He is returning to Indonesia after furlough to continue Bible translation work among a tribe he previously worked with. He had no idea about a Macintosh computer, but his son-in-law who attends an assembly in San Diego, California had set him up with a new Mac Air. Since we have used Macs since 1984 he was pleased to visit and get some real time on a Mac. I was also able to give him charts of "Two Roads and Two Destinies" I printed in two Indonesian dialects. It is nice to be able to give a helping hand to some of the Lord's servants.
Curitiba, Paraná, Brazil