Fleming, James & Sharon

James & Sharon Fleming
International-worldwide ministry, Special Areas
Children: 120, 120
Mailing Address:
3200 St. Anne Drive
Dubuque, IA 52001
Phone: 563-581-1965
Cell: 563-581-1966
Office: 563-585-2070 (7)
Woodside Bible Chapel, Maywood, IL, USA in 1901
Hillview Bible Chapel, Cupertino, CA, USA in 1900
I was born and raised as an MK in Durban, South Africa. My dad began teaching the missions course at Emmaus Bible College in 1977, my first year as a student there. In 1980 Sharon came to Emmaus from Cupertino, CA and we married in 1982 after finishing college. In 1984 we were commended to Lima, Peru where we served until the Lord sent us to Bogotá, Colombia in 1992. Our focus was an evening Emmaus Bible School for the multiplying Assemblies, plus church planting and conference work. We always had something to do with the Emmaus Correspondence Courses and in 2003 I was asked to be the International Coordinator, linking the Emmaus work in over 100 countries with home office. That was done on a part time basis from Colombia until we moved to headquarters in Dubuque, Iowa in 2008 when Rosana and Samuel finished high school and started classes at Emmaus. Samuel has completed 3 years of Emmaus, Rosana transfered to the community college and Christina will go to Emmaus in 2012 when she finishes high school. The College is a great blessing to us here in Dubuque as we attempt to see the expansion of the popular level Emmaus Bible Courses bless approximately 500,000 students each year around the world. Our ministry includes only the international side of the Emmaus work, so instead of being missionaries to 1 country, we are missionaries to the Emmaus workers in over 100 and are so blessed to meet and attempt to encourage national and foreign workers in so many places.
International-worldwide ministry, Special Areas