Marquez, Joseph & Ramona

Joseph & Ramona Marquez
Aregua, Paraguay, Paraguay
Mailing Address:
PO Box 16281
Greenville, SC 29606
Cell: 864-275-5041
Cell: 864-525-6941
Phone: +595 971 147600
Overbrook Gospel Chapel, Greenville, SC, USA in 1988

Joe came to know Christ as his Savior after returning from 2 tours in Viet Nam. He was a mixed up kid, tramatized by war, unsaved and confused. One night on a drug trip gone bad, he had the presence of mind to dig out the Gideon New Testament that had been issued to him at his induction. Though he had carried it for many tours as a type of talisman he had never read it. Upon opening it he read Romans 1 and by the end of the chapter he knew he was in need of "something". Reading on, the Lord opened his eyes to the grace and mercy of the cross and then and there he committed his life to the Lord. Ramona was lead to the Lord in a VBS meeting when she was 5 years old. A visiting chalk talk speaker displayed a clear message in chalk of the cross of Christ and the need of salvation. When the black light showed the hidden picture beneath of Christ in the clouds with pierced hands she knew the decision she had to make. That night Ramona believed on the Lord for salvation. Joe and Ramona were married on June 12, 1973. They have 4 married children and 17 grandchildren. Joe's health has been delicate for the past several years and while they cannot be in Paraguay full time they return as often as health allows.

Ministry Updates:
We join the rest of the world in being in quarantine. Paraguay has been on lock down since March with all borders closed. We have spent the past several years back and forth to the US with Joe being under VA healthcare to see if they could help with his liver and other health problems. Since they have run out of options to help we had prayerfully decided to start transitioning back to PY on a permanent basis. We arrived just in time to be in quarantine. We have used our days to have some long neglected house projects done which has provided work to some of the people in our town. A large garden is now paying off in many kinds of edibles. We feel privileged to be here and are trying to be patient with a short leash. Because we are over 65 we are only able to leave the house for the most necessary errands. The slower pace has been a welcome one. All who come to work hear the gospel or a word of encouragement. We find that many are willing to hear the Word during these unusual times.
Aregua, Paraguay, Paraguay