Cenepo-Torres, Pablo & Sarah

Pablo & Sarah Cenepo-Torres
Trujillo, Peru
Children: Abigail Grace 17, Hannah Fe 15, Gabriela Elliot 14, Selah Joy 11
Leadership training, Couples ministry, Home Bible Studies, Orphanage, Christian School
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c/o Centro Biblico Trujillo
Av. Larco 1069
Trujillo, PERU
Grace Bible Fellowship, Portland, Oregon, USA in 2002
Latest News:
December 2019 Dear praying family! Some pictures have been selected to give you more insights into our December news. See them here! I was given the privilege to speak on the last Sunday of the year. Having mulled over what to share and in the light of the customary year end resolutions, I dove into the Lord’s words from Mark 8:34, He said to them, "Whoever desires to come after Me, let him deny himself, and take up his cross, and follow Me.” I immediately remembered that frequently my personal year end resolutions revolve around “me” and not “Him.” Yet if I want this new year to be more about Him than me, I’ve got to consider that being with Him will involve self-denial so that the implementing of His ways in my life would be far more rewarding than the shedding of a few pounds here and there. May our desire to be with Him and like Him be our greatest endeavor this new year that just started… happy New Year to you! Naturally, having our son Timothy with us occupied lots of our time and energy all of December. So, we deliberately wanted him to know that God’s only Son came to us leaving His home in heaven. That’s sure lots to communicate when you don’t speak his language. Nonetheless, the imprint of the person of Christmas is in the air and he was breathing it day and night. It was surely the most precious way to kick off his permanent residence with us. We loved seeing him participate in the kids’ Christmas celebration, he is not at all shy. The memories we are beginning to load in our memory chest will contribute to a legacy that we pray, bears spiritual fruit in time for the glory of God. Though we weren’t planning on being here longer than getting our son Timothy from China, and though we still have appointments that stretch to a month or so (Pablo will be leaving back to Peru the last week of January!), thanks to technology we have kept busy with end of the year ministry in Peru. Most of you are aware that our ministry in Peru revolves around the assembly, Centro Biblico Trujillo, and its related ministries, the Elliot Christian School and the orphanage Hogar de Esperanza. So as a way of asking you to pray for each of these, please read on! In regards to the assembly work and other related ministries: - We have completed our planning and strategy for tackling our theme for the year 2020. We will be teaching/preaching through the book of Ephesians with the goal of building more unity in the body. Several Venezuelan families have spent nearly a year with us and are eager to serve. We pray for wisdom as we seek to plug them in areas where they can bear fruit for the Lord. - Please pray for the laymen's bible training starting up in Trujillo this January 6th. Pray that we get more folks interested in starting the program... we have a large number in the assembly that have not yet taken advantage of these yearly Bible sessions. - Since summer break has arrived and school year is over, most ministries are on hold for summer vacation. A mode to reach out to the community and give our young people opportunities to serve, comes in the way of retreats and 2-3-day bible camps. - Every year we have warnings about a new “El Niño”. This often brings unusual downpours that heavily affect our church facility and of course many of the homes in the city. So far by the end of December we've had two heavy rains. We are praying that this year we won't have an experience similar to 2017 when the whole city had to be closed because of flooding. - Pray for our yearlong opportunities for missions’ teams and discipleship to the jungle and mountains. January is the time to coordinate with our assembly leadership about these prospective teams. These trips are mostly done between June and August. So far, we have several leads from ND, NC, MD, VA and possibly CT. We feel deeply blessed to have others desiring to come and serve with us. In regards to the Christian School: - Thank the Lord for the 19 students that recently completed their high school degree. We count it a privilege to have had the precious opportunity to invest in the lives of these precious souls. - Safety code requirements seem to evolve rather unpredictably in Peru and become way too overbearing. Because of this we are being forced to close our HS facility for the school year 2021. Thankfully, we were given a year of grace to make that transition. Our HS facility will demand extreme renovation to keep it opened, so we are opting to close it and move the HS to the site for the elementary grades. That would mean two school shifts (grades 1-6 in the morning hours and grades 7-11 in the afternoon hours) and therefore lots of changes for everyone. - Pray for our school board to wisely consider the options for next school year given the major changes just described. - Pray for parents, teachers and students as they are informed of what's coming. We want to continue touching people’s lives with the Gospel through this ministry... but we also want to do it with kindness and consideration in a ministry that has been so effective all these years. - Pray for relationships between our assembly folks and school folks as they are going to be sharing the space more frequently and for longer hours each day in the near future. Like I said, a year should give us ample time to prepare for the move. - We give thanks to the Lord for James Lee, a volunteer from Portland, OR that gave two years to our school to teach English. He depended on the Lord to commit those two years to serve Him and share His word with our students. He just left us and we find ourselves asking the Lord to fill his spot with another volunteer to give the backing of a native English speaker to our parents and students. Please pray for the Lord to provide us with a volunteer for 2020 or more. In regards to the orphanage: - We finished the year with 16 youngsters. Eleven-year-old Victor was admitted in December and immediately blended with all his "siblings." All children completed their school year and celebrated Christmas and New Year with families connected to the assembly. - By God's grace we managed to meet all our yearly responsibilities with all of our workers and children. We keep on our knees asking God to keep His steady hand of provision for this dusty place in the coastal part of Peru. He has never let us down. We always have enough to keep going. Pray that we keep faithful to our role of giving oversight to this ministry and keep connecting with our Lord's people to sustain us with their love and prayers. - As a board we finished the year committing ourselves to another agreement with a lawyer to fight our cause before the national authorities regarding our land issues. I honestly tire of mentioning this almost every time we think of the orphanage. Recently the last lawyer we signed a contract with candidly said to us (when we asked him to give us a quote of his honorariums, remembering that we are an orphanage and that we have extremely limited funds), "I know lawyers will not be going to heaven." Then he proceeded to give us a small discount for his services. We honestly don't know when these legal battles will end. But we persevere with impatience (yeah, it feels like it!) and trying to pinch pennies whenever we can... we at least ask, that's for sure! - Pray for our local assembly to provide a good number of volunteers to implement a summer like camp program for our kids now that they are off school and on vacation till the end of March. In regards to our family: - Timothy has been a super great blessing to us. We were expecting much more challenges, hard nights and days, lots of temper tantrums and meltdowns, and the long list a toddler his age have under their belt. But, our gracious Lord gave us a child that has molded so well to us. He is already starting to speak in sentences and is willing to admit he is sorry (and vocalize it). Please pray for us as we continue blending our family more and more. We will be dedicating him before the Lord and His people on January 12th. - Our Gabriela turns 13 on January 9th. That will make 3 teens in our family!!!! As gracious as the Lord has been to allow us to see maturity and growth in our girls, we know they all need lots of prayers for their specific challenges. As we prepare to leave back to Peru, our Abi will come with us for the last time before coming back here permanently for her college years. That's just amazing to say, and even more sobering to consider that she'll be out of our nest soon. We are in the process of considering options for her. That's a lot of sorting to do... we need wisdom, we need grace, we need time. - Timothy needs a full medical checkup after completing his adoption. It took us a while to get him added to our medical insurance since he is still keeping his Chinese name until he gets his US citizenship. He needs to return to the pediatrician on January 31st and all our kids need to see the dentist at the end of the month. - We will need to set an appointment for the near future to bring Timothy for his citizenship interview with USCIS. We did not qualify to get his citizenship right away because we are not in the US most of the year. That means we will need to take the long route, more trips up, more energy and resources. That's okay, it's part of post adoption protocols which last at least 5 years. In a few months a social worker will come to Peru to check us out and see how we are doing with him. - Pray for our home as we left many things to be taken care of. Humidity and endemic saltpeter attacked our home on different floors... well, walls. While we are on this adoption trip, we left some brothers to get the work done. That didn't stop us from having our home open for meetings and planning for the ministry activities of the new year. - The Lord has graciously provided a fund for us to get a vehicle as soon as we get back to Peru. Pray that we find the right one and the right person to help us do all the work in Lima before heading back up to Trujillo. - Pray for Pablo’s week-long teaching coming up in early February! Pablo will be leaving early back to Peru to take care of commitments planned way in advance. Sarah, the girls and Timothy will remain to get medical work done. Pablo should come back by mid-February to facilitate our passage with an adopted child into Peru. You can see most of these requests in pictures by going here. Thank you beloved of the Lord for your thoughtful prayers and generous support all of 2019! Happy New Year! In Him Pablo & Sarah CT
Trujillo, Peru