Cenepo-Torres, Pablo & Sarah

Pablo & Sarah Cenepo-Torres
Trujillo, Peru
Children: Abigail Grace 15, Hannah Fe 13, Gabriela Elliot 12, Selah Joy 9
Leadership training, Couples ministry, Home Bible Studies, Orphanage, Christian School
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c/o Centro Biblico Trujillo
Av. Larco 1069
Trujillo, PERU
Grace Bible Fellowship, Portland, Oregon, USA in 2002
Latest News:
November 2017 Dear praying family! Thank you for your loving prayers all of November! What an interesting month this has been for Peru. The ongoing investigation of major corruption involving a Brazilian transnational, which has already landed prison sentences for the last two former presidents and four CEO’s of the larger building companies in the nation, is now targeting Lima’s former mayor and has called the current president to testify. Each day appears to bring a new name to the bench of the accused; one wonders if this is ever going to end! But thank the Lord for November 15th! Without it, I don’t think Peru would be as lively as it seems. You see, on November 15th, Peru’s national soccer team classified to the World Cup after 36 years! The excitement was such, that November 16th was declared a national holiday. From then on, it feels to us, many Peruvians have become anesthetized to the ongoing corruption scandal… after all, there is a World Cup fever across the land … Peru is back … there are better things to think about! Southern Jungle Visit We are perplexed to witness how a sport can transform the mood of an entire nation. Even local churches seem to have a renewed disposition to press on in ministry and commit to in-depth Bible studies. At least that’s how I felt when I visited Puerto Maldonado in early November (twenty-two hundred miles from my house in the southern jungle). While there, I was impressed to find an eager group of believers very willing to sit down with me for 3 consecutive nights to discuss theology. Then a group of their young people asked me to speak to them about “The Joys of Christian Living.” Lastly, I kindly appreciated the opportunity to discuss leadership issues with the local elders, visited struggling marriages in their homes and shared the Gospel in various settings. I ask you to pray for believers in Puerto Maldonado. They would like me to come and visit with them more frequently, I pray I can honor their request more consistently considering the distance. Twists & Turns of Church Discipline Our heart aches to see that none of the six young people that were put in church discipline at the beginning of this year are close to being restored. But in a very interesting turn of events, one of the unbelievers involved in one of the cases of unequally yoked relationship began to attend our home bible study on Tuesday night. She was very eager to find out what the bible says on the subject. She had noticed that her boyfriend (one of our young people in discipline) was not sharing openly about his faith in Jesus and she didn’t know why. Through the grapevine she heard of something called “church discipline” and “unequally yoked,” two concepts extremely foreign to her. So, she called us to find out about it. To make a long story short, she has ended her relationship, is coming to our Bible study, has began attending our local assembly and even joined the college and career group. We sense she is coming close to accepting the Lord Jesus in her heart, please pray for her! The Blessing of our differences We keep on harvesting of the opportunities presented to us to speak to some couples about the wisdom of God in bringing two different people in marriage. No one in the right mind will come close to wanting to be married to someone the same as him. And yet, that seems to be the favorite line to claim separation or divorce. This entire year in our couples Bible study we committed to highlight the marriage differences as a blessing from the Lord. As such, we got invited to speak to new and older couples in a gathering of little churches two hours north from us. Also, we take this message to a newly married couple every Wednesday morning. They work together and seem to buttheads quite consistently. By the Lord’s grace our interaction appears to be paying off… they are talking about having a baby! Pray for them! One with those who are persecuted All of November our assembly was committed to the awareness of the persecuted church in the world. One weekend we dimmed the lights in our sanctuary, replaced our cushioned chairs with mats on the floor and spent most of our time praying for believers in the red zones. It didn’t take too long to feel the heavy work of praying on our backs and knees. The last Sunday of the month was a special one. We went prepared to give a special offering for missionaries working in difficult areas. Our folks gave generously and we were able to have enough funds to send to three different countries. Let’s continue to pray for those serving the Lord Jesus and suffering for His name’s sake! Prayer and praise · All of our teens at Hogar de Esperanza have passing grades in their respective grades at school. We are so proud of them. Thankful for the many volunteers from our local assembly that faithfully committed hours each afternoon to help our kids stay on top. · Italo, the oldest special needs boy at Hogar de Esepranza, received an opportunity to try a new setting for living, the jungle. A couple of years ago he accompanied me there during a missions trip and asked if he could come back. Now that he is 18, he is trying it and we are praying he finds it suitable for his needs and development. · Please pray for Pedro, Pablo and Cristina! Remember they left Hogar de Esperanza a few months back to live with their mom and their stepfather. We visited with them several times to check up on them and things seemed to be working. But just recently, mom called requesting the kids be brought back to the orphanage (a decision that is not up to us or her to make). Amongst other things, her husband is back to drinking and things are just going from bad to worse. We ask you to pray over the whole situation. Also, remember to pray for Jenifer, she had her baby, a little girl. She and baby are doing okay… or so she says! We keep an eye on her as much as we are able! · Pray for the Elliot Christian School Class of 2017! Twenty-one students are graduating this year. We are thankful for the many that started with us from the time they were in kindergarden and now complete the HS education. Pray for three students in this class that made a pact to rack up as many demerits as possible during the last two months of school. We are presently dealing with the consequences. · Praise the Lord for the Bible studies held in our home this entire year. We are ready to break for the summer months. Pray for our connections to remain strong and be refreshed to kick in a new season sometime in early 2018. What’s coming · Dec 11-31, brother Randall Binnie from Canada is coming to get his hands dirty at Hogar de Esperanza. Pray that his stay with us will allow him to affirm his calling to permanent service with the children here. · Dec 16-Jan 8, our parents are coming from Maryland to visit with us once again!!! We are all excited in the CT household! Loving prayers, Pablo & Sarah CT
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Trujillo, Peru