Cenepo-Torres, Pablo & Sarah

Pablo & Sarah Cenepo-Torres
Trujillo, Peru
Children: Abigail Grace 16, Hannah Fe 14, Gabriela Elliot 12, Selah Joy 9
Leadership training, Couples ministry, Home Bible Studies, Orphanage, Christian School
Mailing Address:
c/o Centro Biblico Trujillo
Av. Larco 1069
Trujillo, PERU
Grace Bible Fellowship, Portland, Oregon, USA in 2002
Latest News:
Dear praying family! Just a quick note to report to you of the current status of the situation in Peru after the 7.5 earthquake last night. A brother looking after our home in Trujillo, texted us at 3:00am assuring us that he was well and our home with our dog Bravo. People took no time to step out of their homes and many opted to sleep in the streets in fear of something more catastrophic. image2.jpeg The epicenter was near the jungle town of Yurimaguas, a place where we have done extensive ministry with summer missions teams in the last few years. In fact, I include below three shots that cause us to thank the Lord for His divine providence. You see this little church called Filadelfia had no supporting columns all around its perimeter. After sensing the need of the believers and their leadership to anticipate a tragedy, the Lord led us to partner with them back in the summer of 2014 and then in 2016. We first worked on putting a new roof and then added 10 solid rebar/cement columns. This morning and after the earthquake that took place at 2:45am, the brothers on site reported me that the nearly 2 minutes massive shaking, did not affect in any way the building structure... we praise the Lord for that. That work was certainly done guided by His divine providence. image3.jpeg image2.jpeg image1.jpeg Thank the Lord for those who have come summer after summer to help us assist the believers in the jungle with structures that become a much safer place for refuge and corporate worship. Though up to the moment of sending this note no major material or personal loss has been reported from the brethren, a new day revealed significant damages to crucial roads connecting the cities of Yurimaguas and Tarapoto. Many more damages of that sort were also reported in the side of the mountains adjacent to the jungle region. I encourage you to see what the local media is reporting by clicking here. Lastly, a good number of strong tremors have been reported throughout the entire nation one of them located only 2 hours from our home in Trujillo. We will keep ears and eyes open to any more significant developments worthy of passing on to you as we prepare to send our May CT News Update sometime soon. We will see how it plays out... had some significant technical difficulties lately related to handling our pictures and preparing them for our report. For now, let just say that we have exciting developments about our adoption to share with you... but that should be material for our May Update... and have loads of pictures to share about our time traveling back to Maryland from Florida. We had an amazing journey fellowshipping with God’s people and sharing the Word along the way! Stay tuned... Love in Him, Pablo n Sarah CT
Trujillo, Peru