Papworth, Richard & Nita

Richard & Nita Papworth
Special Areas
Evangelism and discipleship among one of the least-reached and most spiritually-responsive people groups in the world, with satellite and internet radio, social media, mobile apps, and follow-up
Lombard Gospel Chapel, Lombard, IL, USA in 1973
Westside Bible Fellowship, Hillsboro, OR, USA in 2000
Ministry Updates:
God has been gracious to us and has been blessing us with good health and in so many other ways. Our adult daughters and their families bring us much joy. We’re still able to engage in serving Christ. Dick is still actively serving with the Voice of Christ Media Ministries team as it reaches out to our people group with cutting-edge media. We have two goals. The first is to preach the Gospel of Jesus Christ for unbelievers in their home country and other countries to which they have emigrated. The second is to disciple, encourage and build up MBB believers in their faith. We broadcast Bible teaching, Christian worship music, family counseling, powerful testimonies in dramatic format, and other content. On the website people can read or listen to the entire Bible and find William MacDonald’s Believer’s Bible Commentary in their language and teaching on many topics concerning the Gospel and the Christian life. The responses we get are amazing. People contact our follow-up department from all over the world. Many are genuine seekers, like this woman, “Mahasti”: “Please help me. I want to become a Christian but I have no idea what I should do. Plus, I’m afraid of my family. Please kindly answer my question.” Mahasti is one of the brave ones. Many other people are afraid to get in touch with us because they fear their government will find out they’re interested in Christianity. Our team tries to answer all kinds of questions by email, on the website and on Facebook, and explain carefully and clearly why each person needs to trust in Christ. Thank you for supporting us through your faithful prayer. This means a lot to us!
Special Areas