Beer, Tim & Joy

Tim & Joy Beer
Bible teaching in public school and among assemblies, Evangelism, Maintenance, Care of the elderly

Joy came to Zambia in 1996 from the States and then Tim for England in 1997, both of us having been called to serve the Lord here in Zambia. We met in 1998 and married in 1999, and now have 3 children being David, Daniel and Kara, whom we home school. The opportunities to spread the gospel in the area where we live are many. In summary we are involved in Bible teaching in the nearby public high school, in the many assemblies in the area. Also evangelism in the mission hospital, among the villages and at the Samafunda camp and conference center. We also help to take of elderly people, who either have no relatives or are not wanted by their relatives. Then there are always many maintenance needs at the hospital and the mission. We are always so thankful to the Lord for his daily grace, support and wisdom.