Coleman, Patrick & Sherry

Patrick & Sherry Coleman
Mailing Address:
P.O. Box 90010
Luanshya, ZAMBIA
Cell: 260-966-780113
Spouse_cell: 260-966-780112
(Sherry) Bethany Bible Chapel, Toms River, NJ, USA in 1989
(Patrick) Bethany Bible Chapel, Toms River, NJ, USA in 2000

Patrick was born and raised in the Los Angeles area of California. He was commended to the work of the Lord in Lubumbashi, Zaire, (now the Democratic Republic of the Congo) in 1985. In 1991 he was evacuated from Lubumbashi because of civil unrest. Patrick based his family in Luanshya, Zambia until the Lord called his first wife, Cindy, Home in a car accident.

Sherry was born and raised in a Jewish home in New Jersey. She came to know the Lord as her Messiah and personal Saviour when she was 17 through youth ministry. She came to Zambia in 1990 to administrate a correspondence Bible school, teach scripture in area schools, women's church groups and youth outreaches.

On August 1, 1997, Patrick and Sherry married and merged ministries and have extended to cover not only Zambia but sub-Saharan Africa. Their ministry responsibilities have grown over the years. They owned and operated the Lighthouse Children's Home for 15 years, caring for numerous orphans and street children. The last orphan just completed college and is ready to enter the world. In 1998 they made available their personal library to the public in Luanshya establishing the Christian Resource Centre which also provides Christian videos, tapes, sermon materials, and a counseling center for those who request spiritual guidance and marriage counseling. The facility also houses a seminar center so that evening and weekend Bible courses can be run for the adult community. They also own and operate the Luanshya Community Youth Centre where high school students and college/career aged youth spend their afternoons in a safe, healthy environment and at the same time sit under the teaching of God's Word. Sherry continues a correspondence Bible school ministry, ladies Bible studies, counseling, and deaf ministry. Patrick ministers among local church leaders as well as serving in leadership at Fellowship Chapel in Luanshya.