Loudon, John & Karen

John & Karen Loudon
Kalene Mission, Zambia
Children: Nathan 29, Jeannie 27, Julie 23, Joshua 19
Discipleship/Evangelism work
Mailing Address:
35012 Swan Creek Blvd.
Richmond, MI 48062
Cell: 616-334-8384
Cell: 616-334-8528
Plymouth Rd Bible Chapel, Detroit, Michigan, USA in 1900
Lake Pointe Bible Chapel, Plymouth, Michigan, USA in 1900

John has been serving the Lord as a missionary pilot for 34 years. He and Karen lived in Kenya for 5 years and Tanzania for 7 years before moving to Zambia in 1996. They served the Lord at Kalene Mission in northwest Zambia with Mission Flight Services. John was the Operations Manager and a pilot/mechanic. Their 4 children have been raised in Zambia. John led a weekly Bible study for young men from local assemblies, with an emphasis on discipleship training. and encouraging local assemblies. He preached occasionally at the Kalene assembly and sometimes would take several sessions at the yearly assembly conference or elders conference. Karen's main contribution was the Flight Follower, tracking the flight whenever John was flying, recording important details. Hospitality, bookroom management, flight scheduling at the hangar, working with a girls sewing class - these were all on Karen's agenda from time to time at Kalene. Both John & Karen have been worshiping with the saints at Chifwafwa, a small aassembly about a half hour from Kalene, for many months, to encourage them in their walk with the Lord. Karen and John have been involved with Sakeji Mission School over the years, John on the board, and Karen in teaching or on the PTA. Their 4 children all attended Sakeji School. The youngest one, Joshua, graduated from Rift Valley Academy in July 2018.  He is now a student at The Ezekiel Project School of Evangelism (TEPSE). Julie is working with refugees from Afria in Iowa, with Americorps. Jeannie completed 3 years teaching at Agape Christian School in The Bahamas. However, she is now serving the Lord full-time, teaching at a Christian school in Rwanda. Nathan has been serving the Lord in Zambia with his wife Chichi, discipling young people, doing outreach and preaching on Sundays. They are now in Michigan, teaching together with us at TEPSE during our extended furlough.

Kalene Mission, Zambia