Mast, Bert & Lois

Bert & Lois Mast
Lukolwe Mission, Zambia
Children: Joanna 26, Joshua 22
Overseeing Mission Station, teaching/preaching, maintenance
Mailing Address:
3321 N 68th Street
Lincoln, NE 68507
Cell: +260965097499
Cell: 717-585-9100
Sutherland Bible Chapel, North Vancouver, BC, Canada in 1988
Collingdale Gospel Chapel, Collingdale, PA, USA in 1989
Mechanicsburg Christian Fellowship, Mechanicsburg, PA, United States in 2016

The Masts started out as missionaries in Zaire (now D R Congo). Bert, as a single man, joined the Rayhbucks in 1988 at Lolwa and Lois came to Nyankunde in 1989 to teach missionary children. Bert & Lois were married in Zaire in 1994 and ministered among the Pygmies and village people until December 1996 when they had to evacuate with their 1 year old daughter Yoanna because of a civil war. When unrest continued for a long time, God sent them to Chavuma, Zambia to join the missionaries there in ministering to the Luvale people. Joshua was born in Zambia in 1999. In 2003 the Masts went to Sakeji Mission School to help with teaching and maintenance (including the building of a hydro electric turbine). In 2004 the family returned to the Chavuma area and started serving at Lukolwe Mission in preaching, teaching, Sunday school and overseeing the mission station. In 2012 Bert & Lois followed their children to Rift Valley Academy to serve there for a year and a half while Yoanna finished up high school. Bert visited Zambia every few months to check on the work at Lukolwe. The Masts returned to Lukolwe full-time in 2016, but in 2017 returned to the US because their son Joshua needed medical treatment for Lyme disease. Bert has been visiting Lukolwe every six months to take care of administrative needs, teach in the area assemblies and work with the believers. While waiting for Josh to heal we are involved with the assembly in Lincoln, Nebraska, reaching out to people of the area and to international students at the University of Nebraska at Lincoln (UNL).

Lukolwe Mission, Zambia