Faith Howland With The Lord

We all have been deeply touched by the courageous battle missionary Faith Howland fought with cancer for many years now.  Early in the morning on July 12, Faith's battle with cancer ended as she entered into eternity with Her precious Lord and Savior.  We thank the Lord that the pain and tears have been washed away, and we rejoice in the comfort we have in Him.  This will continue to be very hard on Paul Howland and Faith's family and friends as they say goodbye and process the loss of Faith here with us. Please continue to pray for the family through this difficult time.

E-Mail From Paul Howland, evening of July 12:

Dear friends,

My sweetheart, Faith left today for her heavenly home in the presence of the Lord Jesus Christ.  It was 4:15 AM on July 12 as we held hands and listened to a great hymn of faith.  She was smiling and that smile is fixed upon her face now.  We spent the last two nights crying, reading the Bible and listening to quiet Christian music that I sang to her.  God sent a rare AZ thunderstorm and gentle rain last night to remind me of His sorrow as His beloved Son died on the cross for our sins.  The great majority of songs we have heard these past weeks have been about the Lord's return and resurrection.  He is the 'first fruits' and I look forward to seeing Him in all His glory with Faith at my side.  There is no greater and blessed hope!  Life is too short to spend on any other goal than getting ready for that day.  Thank you for all your prayers for a soft final journey home for my sweetheart.  The Lord has left me here because He has a lot more sanctifying to do in my life.  I appreciate your prayers!

I have spent the day preparing for a funeral on Monday, July 23rd, at the Palms Bible Fellowship in Phoenix.  It has been such a joy for Faith and me to be a part of this assembly these past 8 months.  Faith and I decided that in lieu of flowers it would be better to send a gift to CMML for their general operating costs.

Thank you for your love, understanding and prayers.  I don't think I can talk on the phone today, so please forgive me for this brief email.  The burial plot I had chosen was sold and now I must find another quickly.  Thanks for your prayers and for sharing this news with others who might want to know about Faith.

In Christ, Paul