Car Accident in Romania; Prayer Needed

This just in from Laura Huerta, Missionary Prayer Handbook Day 15:

Earlier today there was a car accident which had four of our team leaders in it (Fausto was not in the car).  Three are doing well, just scratched up and sore.  Lurek hurt his back and they are keeping him in the hospital for a couple of days.  Praise God that no fatal injuries occurred.  Pray for a full recovery for all people in the car.  There were no adolescents or children in the vehicle, praise God.

The adolescents camp now has six team leaders working with 42 adolescents.  Please pray for stamina for the leaders, God's protection, and safety.  Continue to pray for salvation for all of the adolescents.  Fausto has a huge amount of things on his plate right now.  He says, "This will be a good stretching exercise."