Eric & Roxie Ericsson - Prayer for Surgery

Prayer Request submitted by Andres Segovia who is also serving in Mexico:

Eric and Roxie are missionaries in Mexico as they help with teaching at a christian college. During the summers, they reside in Portland, OR. Sometime ago, Roxie had an accident in which she injured her back. As time has gone by, her pain has worsened. At this point she can hardly walk due to the injuries to her back and the pain. Early tomorrow morning, Roxie will be going to the hospital to have major surgery on her back. This will be a 6 to 8 hr surgery or more. Please pray for the surgeons as they operate on her back that they will have guidance of hands and alertness the entire time of surgery, and that no complications will arise during her surgery and during her recovery time. Pray for wisdom for her family as they learn how to best care for her after her surgery. I believe that the recovery time from a major surgery like this is about two months or so. Pray that Roxie and Eric and their whole family will know" the peace of God that surpasses all understanding" in a very special way at this time.