Update on the Chitokoloki plane

The follow, from Gordon Hanna, is an update about the ongoing recovery and replacement of the Chitokoloki Mission Station plane.

"The past week I have spent three days back out in the Zambezi River searching for the missing parts of the plane that were never recovered. We did manage to locate and recover most of the wing, cowling and a few other parts but the one item we were really looking for, the engine, still eludes us. We have concluded that we must wait another month until the river is lower before another attempt. We are trying to locate some metal detectors that might be of some help.
The process to replace the plane has begun and we have made several contacts in South Africa to see if we can locate a similar Cessna 206 there that can be outfitted for the 'bush' work that is required here. It will take some time but we felt the need to start and see what the Lord will provide, an interesting option has been located in Botswana and we are researching it at present."