Update: Joe & Ilza McClelland (day 21)—successful surgery

Thank you for remembering the McClelland family in your prayers. We are happy to hear Ilza's surgery went well.

The following is an update from Joe McClelland:

"Yesterday [August 6] Ilza spent close to 5 hr in the surgery ward of the hospital. Thanks to the Lord and your prayers, the surgery was successful and she is doing just fine... From the information the doctor gave us, she will be coming home tomorrow morning [August 8] and will then have to face a period of rest and recovery."

Previous letter from August 1: "Dear one in the Lord, Ilza is not well and is facing surgery on August 6, for which we ask your prayers. While at camp she had some mild pain, but after returning home this increased to intense, with other symptoms to accompany it. We went to emergency as per her doctor’s recommendation where she was examined and an ultrasound done. The radiologist recommended we be seen by her gynecologist right away and that an MRI be requested. The outcome of all this is that she was booked for an as-soon-as-possible hysterectomy. This coming week she will do the pre-op consults, blood work, and then on Monday, August 6, she will have her surgery. Please pray for her and the hands that look after her."