Monsoon Rain in the Philippines

Last week the Philippines were hit with deadly monsoon rains. Please pray for the recovery process and that the missionaries who serve there have opportunities to share the Gospel through this tragedy. Below is an update from Larry and Kim Keating (day 9):

"It is rainy season here in the Philippines and we do expect lots of rain. However, we have received more rain this rainy season than normal. In July we got about 34 inches of rain. As many of you have heard, last week we had deadly monsoon rains. It was raining non-stop form Monday evening till Thursday morning [August 6 to 8]. On Tuesday alone we got over 20 inches of rain! School at Faith Academy was cancelled Tuesday-Thursday because of the rains. Most of the major roads were closed until Friday morning. The recent report is that 72 people have been killed and approximately 850,000 people have been displaced from their homes. Our family has been safe as we live up on a hill. There is another report that another storm is coming and will bring more deadly rainfall. Thank you for your prayers.
Love in Christ! The Keating Family"