Phil & Jan Train--Update

Here is an update from Phil Train regarding the situation with the government and their land. Please continue to pray.

Dear family and friends,
I returned last night after spending two days with the team that the government sent to appraise the property that they want to take. We spent two days together measuring the land and the fences and I had the opportunity to share with the team how the property has been used as the base for a national missionary and a church for the Guarani people for the past 55 years. They seemed sympathetic to the ministry and suggested that I present a document asking for a third of the land so that the ministry might continue.
Now we need to wait for two months for a response from the authorities in charge. The government edict says that they will take all the land. But we also know that if the Lord wants to continue using the land for this group of Christians, He will provide a way to do so. Please pray that the Lord's will be done. Above all we want His name to be glorified. Thank you for praying and your many encouraging notes.
Phil Train

Previous letter from August 21:

Dear family and friends,
We want to share with you an urgent prayer request. The Bolivian government plans to take away the property in the countryside that we have had since 1986. This land was initially placed in my name so that the indigenous Guarani group could continue to have an evangelical church in the area. My dad had visited this place since 1955 when it was only accessible by horseback. There has been a Christian testimony in that community since that time. In the 1970s and 80s Wycliffe missionaries lived on the property while translating the New Testament into the Guarani language. Last week the government put a notice in the newspaper advising that this Friday, August 24, they will be evaluating the land. Their compensation will be minimal. We want the Lord to be glorified whether they follow through with their plan or not. Pray for us and the believers that live on the land. They are fearful about what will happen in the next few months.
Together in His service,
Phil and Jan Train