Update: Suarez (Day 20) Radio Tower

We received the following update from Enoel Suarez regarding the radio tower repair:

This past week has been busy, but a good one. We were able to set up the tower with no major incidents. We appreciate all of the prayers and support from God's people.
Lord willing, we plan to return to our regular schedule on the air by the end of next week. Marcelo Ferreira, the young architect in charge of the camp, will continue with the programs.

Previous post from September 26:

Please pray for the Suarez family and their ministry in Bolivia (Day 20). A week ago their radio tower was severely damaged. At first they thought it may have been caused by a bad rain storm, but after further investigation it became clear that the destruction was caused by vandalism.
The damage is extensive and the necessary repairs daunting. Please pray that the Lord would guide as they work to fix the tower.

The following are email excerpts from Enoel Suarez:

A few weeks ago a woman named Elva called me from the outskirts of the camp. She had been listening to the radio and realized her need. We went to talk to her, and after that she accepted the Lord. Elva mentioned that her whole family listened to the radio until bedtime. This past week, she asked me if she could go and see the radio. She was so excited to see where the station was located. Like Elva, many others are no longer able to listen to the radio for guidance and help.

We want to thank many of you that are praying for the radio ministry. Many of you have manifested the desire to help out. We appreciate your partnership in this ministry. The replacement parts, paint, and setting up of this tower will cost $4800. The tower repairman wants 65 percent of this money now and the balance when he completes the tower. Please pray for this.

Please help us to pray. We are sad, but the Lord was there when those people were cutting the wires. He knows the reason and what is best. May we wait and trust Him in this situation.

Radio Tower 1

Radio Tower 2

Radio Tower 3

Radio Tower 4