Orphanage Robbery--Prayer Request from Cenepo-Torres

Currently on furlough in the States, Pablo and Sarah Cenepo-Torres (Peru, Day 25) received word that the orphanage they are involved in was robbed. Please pray for the workers that endured the invasion and for the board as they seek to solve this serious security problem.

The following is more information from Pablo:

As we are making our way from McBain, Michigan, to Wheaton, Illinois, we have received the sad and disturbing news from the administrator of the orphanage in Peru of yet another robbery. Here is the translation of the report we have received:

Here I am at home processing things and not knowing what to do in light of the break-in led by 10 men. According to the testimony of one of the guards to the police, at approximately 8pm last night, several armed men wearing ski-masks took over the orphanage. After taking care of the guard on duty they rounded up all the volunteer workers and stripped them of their belongings, namely laptops, cameras, iPods and cash. They also broke into the offices and stole computers and money from our desks. The assault lasted about 2 hours. I arrived at the orphanage by 11:30pm after hearing the news through one of the foster moms via cell phone. We spent the rest of the night contacting and reporting to the police requesting a unit of criminology specialists to look for fingerprints or traces of the perpetrators. The houses of the children were left unscathed—they apparently did not notice the whole incident. The only loss to report is that of our dog, Tracy. Sorry to be passing this sad news your way. Even though I was not there when it happened, I can hardly find emotional solace and the volunteers and our guard are greatly affected.

There are some serious considerations in the aftermath of this event. I contacted our board this morning via Skype. The following are our prayer requests:

—The administration's meeting this afternoon with the city sheriff to request an armed officer this entire week until we regroup and decide what to do.
—The administration's meeting tomorrow morning with the city authorities requesting immediate and permanent assistance to continue caring and protecting the children.
—We realize we can't continue as an orphanage in the current site with the little protection we have (most of the neighboring businesses have gone through similar experiences recently), the board, led by the founder, Dave Miller, begs your prayers as we search out the best option for the future of the orphanage.
—Pray for the children, volunteers, foster moms and administration to commit their trust in the Lord as major changes appear to be coming ahead.


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Children and Volunteers

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