Killins, Sam

Sam Killins
Bogota/Cucuta, Colombia
church planting among youth and Venezuelan immigrants in unconventional contexts
Mailing Address:
71 Crescent St.
Newnan, GA 30265 USA
Cell: 57.310.318.3209
Lone Star Bible Church, Eureka Springs, Arkansas, United States in 2014

In 2010 Sam had the opportunity of starting a church in the South Eastern jungle town of San Jose with soccer players and English students that he would connect with on a day to day basis. In 2015, Sam moved to Bogota and initiated a new church with some friends in a very "millennial" part of town that meets anywhere from a park to a restaurant to a hotel conference room to a theater house. Both the church in San Jose and the one in Bogota are self supporting and self governing; and especially the church in Bogota is more like a church planting movement that serves as a catalyst for new ministries and more churches. In 2018 he started working a lot with Venezuelan immigrants, and is seeing that in the midst of their desperation for social or economic change, they are also eager to believe in Jesus. In 2019 Sam moved to Colombia's main border city with Venezuela known as Cucuta, and has also started a church there, in which another young group of Venezuelan Christ-followers are gathering together to learn from the Word and love God with all that they are. While Sam’s primary focus is in planting churches within Colombia, he also continues visiting, evangelizing, discipling, and preaching in various other locations and contexts as time and opportunities permit. Sam loves to see the lives of people transformed and matured by the power of the Holy Spirit, and he considers it a privilege to be involved in this supernatural work of the gospel through any practical means possible.

Bogota/Cucuta, Colombia