November 2016

Happy Thanksgiving
The CMML offices will close at 1 p.m. Wednesday, November 23, and reopen on Monday, November 28, 2016. CMML is so thankful to each of you for your faithful service. Each day at our coffee time, we pray for you using the Missionary Prayer Handbook.

46th Annual CMML Fall Conference
More than 450 people, including children, gathered at Lincroft Bible Church, New Jersey, to hear comprehensive reports on Mexico and ministry from Cabe Pillette (Day 20) and Joel Hernandez, former missionary to Mexico and a CMML director.

Important Announcement
Following several months of data gathering and evaluating many alternatives to help missionaries and other assembly commended workers, Assembly Care Ministries takes great pleasure in offering a 24 hour 7 days a week telemedicine phone line. CMML and other assembly related service organizations support this ministry initiative and we highly encourage you to utilize it. What follows is the official announcement concerning this new health care service.

In the will of the Lord, beginning November 1 we will open up a 24/7 Telemedicine phone line called Assembly Care Ministries Health Line. This will allow both our missionaries and full-time workers to contact a designated nurse who will obtain initial healthcare information and provide medical advice for callers. Such information will be placed in our HIPAA compliant electronic medical records system so that a physician may review the information and contact the patient if needed. Many times, for example, one of our patients may simply need antibiotics for bronchitis. This could be handled by phone and therefore decrease the out-of-pocket expenses for our fellow saints. Others, for example in foreign countries, may simply need a second opinion that would be obtainable by phone.
Over the last several years, healthcare costs have increased to levels which are difficult to manage. Those that have insurance are committed to very high deductibles and those without insurance attempt to "get by." Over the last several years, Assembly Care Ministries has been working on a project to help those within our circles to manage this hardship. The Assembly Care Ministries Health Line is a result of those efforts.
We recognize that this strategy will not lower all expenses but we believe it will be a significant help to our coworkers in the work of the Lord. We invite you to utilize these services at no cost to you. We trust this will be a blessing as you continue your work in the gospel and shepherding.
For more information please see www.assemblycare.com/healthline. You will find methods for contacting us and ways you can be preemptive in your own healthcare planning.