Paul Howland
Thank you to all who have been praying for my health since Cancer was suspected in late August this year. After several blood tests, 4 MRI, 17 biopsies, a nuclear bone scan and excellent diagnosis by Mayo, it has become clear that I have an "aggressive" form of prostate cancer that may have already spread, but thank the Lord, not to my bones and thus marrow or blood. Surgery awaits me in the immediate future. I have passed exams to make sure my past detached retina, heart failure and 5 minor strokes will not be a problem and the Lord has made me fit for the major operation. I only wait on Him for healing as my life's mission is to lead as many people to the Lord as possible before He takes me Home... and I like what I'm called to do, so look forward to continuing doing it as long as He gives me breath. Your intercession at the Throne of Grace is precious to me.
Nov 15 2018