Health and recovery back to normal

George and Molly
On Jan 16, we were tested and found to be Covid-19 positive. We stayed in quarantine with advice from doctor. Molly slowly developed pneumonia, which led us to hospital for treatment. We were in hospital for 9 days. Test on Jan 26th says we are Covid19 negative. We will visit doctor again on Feb 10th for evaluation and further tests for Molly because of pneumonia. She may need to take rest up to 40/45 days and regain her strength. I am (George) providing nursing care to Molly and trying to clean the house and finish the laundry. Saints are helping to bring groceries and food for us. Team member and helper of Molly was also affected by Covid19 and admitted with us in the hospital. She is recovering and continuing with us in the home and helping us in the kitchen, Please pray that we will be strong enough to continue the itinerant ministry. All our travel are canceled for January through March. Pray for all other needs related to the care of illness. Thank you with blessing
Jan 29 2021