Hospital outreach

We ask you to join us in prayer for the outreach at the Santiago Regional Hospital in Jinotepe. Eduardo has been heading up that effort since 2009 and has hardly missed a Sunday distributing tracts, praying with patients and handing out calendars every new year. This past Sunday as they prepared to enter the hospital, they were told that they were not allowed. All access for “religious groups” to visit patients had been cut off. On Monday Eduardo went to speak to the director of the hospital to find out what had happened. The meeting went well, and it looked positive that with a written request asking for permission we would once again receive authorization to continue with the work. Unfortunately, when Eduardo returned with the letter, he was informed that authorization had to come from higher up and received the news that permission would not be granted to any group. Thankfully, the brothers and sisters involved in this outreach have a good testimony and have submitted themselves to the norms and requirements imposed by the hospital administration. Unfortunately, this has not been the case with all the groups who visit the hospital. Many have been disorderly and have disrupted the work of nurses and doctors and have spoken and prayed in a way that disregards the patients pains and discomforts. We believe that this is part of what provoked the cut-off. It also happened once a few years ago around this time of year. We are praying that in the new year things will open up again. We are really praying for the Lord’s guidance and that He open the doors He wants us to go through. If it is to continue in the hospital, or to look for another opportunity.
Dec 5 2019