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2021 Missionary Prayer Handbook

The 2021 Missionary Prayer Handbook features 28 new missionaries, one new country listing, and updated missionary information. To facilitate prayer and communication, this vital tool lists more than 700 missionaries commended from assemblies in the US and Canada and includes a description of their ministries and contact information. A new Missionary Prayer Handbook is printed each year.

In celebration of our 100th anniversary, CMML will send a special packet, which includes one FREE
2021 Missionary Prayer Handbook, to US donors who give a donation of any kind after December 1, 2020.

US residents can order a copy today!   

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2021 Handbook Pricing: 

1–9 copies: $7.00 each
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25+ copies: $6.00 each
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The ministry of CMML includes much more than simply receiving donor's gifts and forwarding them on to assembly missionaries serving on the foreign field.  This just-released DVD will introduce you to the various ministries carried out by CMML as we act as a bridge between assembly missionaries, their local commending elders and assemblies and those who support their work.  Take a 10-minute trip behind the scenes, meet some of our staff, enjoy a tour of the Missionary Guest Home and Office and hear from some missionaries about their work.

Share this video with your assembly, Bible study groups and friends, to encourage them to pray for the ministry of CMML and our missionaries. 

This DVD is yours FREE, but a suggested donation of $3.00 to help cover shipping costs would be greatly appreciated. 

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Global Strategy
by Various Authors

The Lord Jesus gave His followers the mission to evangelize the world, and the Holy Spirit in the Epistles gave the guidelines for this age-long effort. The contributors to this symposium, Global Strategy, believe that these principles should be known and can be practiced today. Almost all of these writers have served on the foreign mission field, some for 30 years or more. They appeal to Scripture rather than expediency, history, tradition, or customs today. Topics include:

  • The kind of person God can use
  • The care of the missionary
  • Commendation
  • Accountability
  • How do I get there from here?
  • The missionary's reward


If you would like a copy, please contact the CMML office.

Missions Pathway

Practical Steps for New Missionaries and Commending Assemblies. 


Missions Pathway is a new, free-of-charge booklet produced by CMML. Whether you are an elder from a commending assembly, a friend to someone considering missions, or an individual praying about missions work, this tool is designed to give you an overview of the practical steps for entering the mission field.


This tool outlines four main steps for new missionaries to follow:
1. Preparing
2. Going
3. Working
4. Returning


Download a PDF copy below. Please conact the CMML office if you are interested in receiving printed copies.