Mission Opportunities

There are a wide range of opportunities to help support the short-term needs of our missionaries.  These needs range in time from a few weeks to several months. We currently have requests for help with clerical support, children’s camps, remodeling projects, repair work, teachers’ aides, etc. A complete current list is below.

Brian Kramer from Cambridge, Minnesota, serves as CMML’s Short-Term Service Coordinator. If you’d like to get in touch with Brian to inquire about helping and learn more about the short term opportunities listed please contact him directly at bjkramer@cmml.us.

Missionaries may contact Brian to have their short term requirements added to the list.

PLEASE NOTE: Unless otherwise indicated, all of the opportunities listed below are VOLUNTEER positions. Volunteers are required to raise their own financial support.

2014-2015 School Year
Description Country Worker/Contact Time
Children's Work / Evangelism / Literature

eTeams (a ministry of MSC Canada, and formerly known as TnT Teams) provides opportunities for short-term team evangelism in English-speaking countries working alongside experienced evangelists and missionaries.  

For more information, including application forms, go to www.eteams.ca.

[Updated 1/2/15]


eTeams (MSC Canada)
Leaders: Sean O’Byrne and Tim Hood

Eteams contact: Ron Hampton

March 11-25, 2015

From Feb. 17 until March 1, 2015, we plan to have a team come to the Sion church to assist with the construction of three Sunday school class room and three bathrooms for the girls and three bathrooms for the boys, plus three nights conference for leaders. We are looking for volunteers. The price for each team member is $1900. This will include your airfare plus in-country expenses. If you or anyone you know is interested in being a part of this work team, please contact myself, Enoel Suarez or John Aldom (team leader). My email is  enoelsuarez@gmail.com and John's email is  aldom.john@yahoo.com His phone number  is 519 686 0616

Missionary profile: http://www.cmml.us/missionaries/m342

[Added 11/14/14]


Suarez, Enoel

Aldom, John (Team Leader)

February 17 to March 1, 2015

Entrepierres Centre: A team is coming through MSC Canada to finish the last stage of renovations. If you would like to know more about this team, please send an email to Gerrit Van Essen: gve@msccanada.org

Missionary profile: http://www.cmml.us/missionaries/m212

Ministry profile: http://www.cmml.us/missionaries/m832

[Added 12/5/14]


Wastle, Dave & Judy

March 19 to April 2, 2015
Administration / Education

From AMT [Australian Missionary Tidings]: Vacancies at Hebron School. For 2014-15: Vice Principal for Student Welfare and Academics, and teachers for the Primary School and Music.

Download more info at: http://www.amt.asn.au/HebronStaffAd.pdf.

Website: www.hebronooty.org

[Added 11/21/14]


Email: hr@hebronooty.org

Ronalds, Mark and Alex

2014-2015 School Year
Summer 2015
Description Country Worker/Contact Time
Children's Work / Evangelism / Literature

eTeams (a ministry of MSC Canada, and formerly known as TnT Teams) provides opportunities for short-term team evangelism in English-speaking countries working alongside experienced evangelists and missionaries.  

For more information, including application forms, go to www.eteams.ca.

[Updated 1/2/15]


eTeams (MSC Canada)
Leader: Tim Hood

Eteams contact: Ron Hampton

May 8-25, 2015
Children's Work / Evangelism / Literature

eTeams (a ministry of MSC Canada, and formerly known as TnT Teams) provides opportunities for short-term team evangelism in English-speaking countries working alongside experienced evangelists and missionaries.  

For more information, including application forms, go to www.eteams.ca.

[Updated 1/2/15]


eTeams (MSC Canada)
Leader: Ron Hampton and Tim Hood

Eteams contact: Ron Hampton

May 29-June 16, 2015
Children's Work / Evangelism / Literature

eTeams (a ministry of MSC Canada, and formerly known as TnT Teams) provides opportunities for short-term team evangelism in English-speaking countries working alongside experienced evangelists and missionaries.  

For more information, including application forms, go to www.eteams.ca.

[Updated 1/2/15]


eTeams (MSC Canada)
Leader: David Wilson

Eteams contact: Ron Hampton

July 24-August 10, 2015
2015-2016 School Year
Description Country Worker/Contact Time
Education / Technical

Here is a wish list of staff for the 2015-2016 school year:

  • Computer specialist/IT person
  • High School science teacher
  • Auto shop teacher

 You do not have to have a teaching license to teach at Immanuel Mission. However, a bachelor’s degree is preferred.

 If you know of anyone with these interests and skills please have them contact John Bloom at bloomjr@gmail.com or call 917-254-4023 ext. 14.

 Immanuel Mission, Teec Nos Pos, Arizona www.immanuelmission.org

[Updated 11/21/14]

Teec Nos Pos, Arizona (USA)

Immanuel Mission
Bloom, John & Ruth

2015-2016 School Year
Administration / Education

The school is in urgent need of a Director.

The Portachuelo school where the Shultzes work is still in need of a graphic arts teacher. Other teachers will also be needed for the new school year.

Missionary Profile: http://www.cmml.us/missionaries/m338

[Updated 11/21/14]


Schultz, Merlyn & Marion

2015 School Year
Administration / Counseling / Education

If you are looking to use your teaching degree (or learn to teach using another degree) in an overseas mission capacity there is a need at El Camino Academy for school teachers.

Current needs for the 2015-2016 school year:
One elementary teacher

Middle School
Social Studies


ELD Specialist
Special Education
School Psychologist/Counselor

HS Principal
Director of Academics

Teacher and staff needs listed at: http://www.eca.edu.co/get-involved/potential-teachersstaff/current-needs

Missionary profile: http://www.cmml.us/missionaries/m1185

[Updated 1/2/15] 


El Camino Academy
Rogers, Mark

School Year (2015-2016)
Discipleship / Education / Music / Teaching / Teaching English

Work Type: English Teacher, Music Teacher, Bible Studies

Video: www.vimeo.com/52859275

Project Description: The Hope of Bastion School in Guayaquil, Ecuador is growing and we have opportunities for English and/or instrumental music teachers for the 2015 school year (beginning May 2015). There are also many opportunities for Bible Studies and discipleship. Some knowledge/fluency in Spanish and TEFL certification is beneficial.

Website: www.sponsorhope.ca

Missionary profile: http://www.cmml.us/node/772



Hayes, Erin 

School Year (2015) (1-year commitment beginning May 2015)
Administration / Education

From AMT [Australian Missionary Tidings]: Vacancies at Hebron School.

For 2015-16: Teachers and/or Heads of Department for Chemistry, Maths, French and/or German, English, and Physics.

Download more info at: http://www.amt.asn.au/HebronStaffAd.pdf.

[Updated 1/2/15]


Email hr@hebronooty.org

Ronalds, Mark and Kent

2015-2016 School Year

A NEED AS THE LORD LEADS: Provide help in a Bible-centered English academic program, grades 1-12. Short term applicants (3 weeks on) are also invited to apply.

Missionary profile: http://www.cmml.us/missionaries/m316

[Updated 11/21/14]


Wielenga, Dave

2015-2016 School Year

NOVEMBER 2014 UPDATE: The school is growing! We have over 25 new students this year! Needs for next school year:
Elementary Teacher
Middle School Science/English Teacher 

College of the Constant Lighthouse is a Christian, English-educating school, K-9th grade, located in the mountains of Lebanon. We have a unique opportunity here in the Middle East. Along with the regular classes, there is chapel every morning and students have a weekly Bible class. The majority of our students come from unsaved homes and there are excellent opportunities daily to reach out to the children and their families as well. We have a great need for elementary teachers for the coming school year. We are praying that the Lord will send forth laborers into this part of the harvest. The need and opportunities are tremendous!
Please contact bjkramer@cmml.us for more information.

Missionary profile: http://www.cmml.us/missionaries/m446

[Updated 10/27/14]

Middle East

Contact bjkramer@cmml.us for more information

2015-2016 school year (Ongoing need)
Administration / Counseling / Education / Support

Staff Needs for 2015-2016 School Year 

URGENT for January-May 2015
- Boys' PE
- French
- Band
- Strings 


  • Elementary Teachers (Grades K-5)
  • General Music
  • Special Education
  • Tagalog/Filipino Language


  • Band
  • French
  • Strings
  • English Language (ESL)
  • Choir
  • Boys' and Girls' PE
  • Science


  • Band
  • Bible
  • Boys' PE
  • English
  • French
  • IGCSE (Chemistry, Geography, Maths, Music)
  • Special Education
  • Social Studies
  • Strings
  • Korean Guidance Counselor


  • Child Safety Officer
  • Child/Youth Counselor
  • English Language Learning Coordinator

Website: www.faith.edu.ph

[Updated 1/2/15]

Philippines (Luzon)

Faith Academy of Manila

Contact: Amanda Kuntz

School Year (2015-2016)
Administration / Counseling / Education / Library

Staff Needs for 2015-2016 School Year

Critical Needs:

● Academic Administrator (Principal K-12)

● Business Administrator (One Year)

● Elementary Teachers (4 Positions)

● English or Social Studies Teacher

● Librarian (K-12)

Important Needs:

● Secondary Math/Science Teacher

● Chaplain

● Counselor (Transitions)

● English Language Learning

● Fine Arts (K-12)

● Music (K-12)

● Physical Education (K-12)

● Foreign Languages (Part-Time)

● Secondary Language Arts (Part Time)

● Special Needs (Part Time)
Faith International Academy (FIA) is a great place to serve! FIA is a WASC and ACSI accredited K-12 international Christian school that exists to serve families in the ministry. We have small classes, involved parents, and a delightful student body of about 150 students from more than 14 countries.

Staff members at Faith International Academy are supported through Christian mission agencies. Teachers applying should be qualified for their teaching position in their home country.

Website: www.fia.edu.ph

[Updated 1/2/15]

Philippines (Mindanao)

Faith International Academy of Davao City
Recruiter: Carrie Bowers

2015-2016 School Year
Teaching English

"Proclaiming Christ through Teaching English" articulates our goal at Wroclaw Language School, located in southwest Poland.  Our staff of evangelical Christians aims to teach English at a high standard, but more importantly, to develop friendships with students in order to share the Gospel. We do this throughout the academic year individually and in group outreach activities.  You do not need to speak Polish or have previous teaching experience to teach at the school.  We are looking for native English speakers willing to commit to two years and we begin accepting applications in February for the following academic year.
Visit our web page at wsj.edu.pl.
Contact for more info:
Cindy Hughes cindy@wsj.edu.pl
Missionary profile: http://www.cmml.us/missionaries/m252

[Updated 12/22/14]


Hughes, Pat & Cindy

2-year commitment preferred
Administration / Education / Library / Maintenance / Medical / Technical

Current Needs

Special Needs Division

  • Gifted & Talented Coordinator/ Teacher
  • English Second Language (ESL) Teacher – 2 vacancies
  • Special Education Teacher – 3 vacancies 


  • Activities Coordinator
  • Curriculum & Instruction Director
  • Development Officer
  • ESD Director & Home Education Consultant
  • Health Services Director
  • Home Education Consultant
  • Facilities Engineer
  • Information Systems Manager
  • Webmaster 

2015-2016 Academic Year

Elementary Division

  • General Elementary (Various Grades)
  • Elementary Music Teacher
  • Elementary Art Teacher
  • Elementary IT Coordinator

Secondary Division

  • Secondary Teacher (English)
  • Middle School Teacher (Social Studies)
  • Secondary Teacher (Computer)
  • Secondary Teacher (Chemistry)
  • Secondary Teacher (Science)
  • Head Librarian


  • Deputy Superintendent of Academics
  • Alumni Relations Coordinator
  • Health Services Associate (School Nurse)

Every school year we have 10-20 staff openings.  Applying, being approved, and raising support always requires a significant amount of time, so contacting us early is very helpful. Every year we are looking for people who can work in the following areas: teaching, administration, nursing, facilities, athletics, spiritual life & discipleship, finance, special needs, music, and much more. We normally have our very specific needs posted by December or January of each year. 

Note: Job descriptions are online at http://www.gisthailand.org/serve-at-gis/staff-needs/foreign-staff-positions/

Contact Recruiter: recruit@gisthailand.org

For more information: http://www.gisthailand.org/

[Updated 1/2/15]


Grace International School

School Year (2015-2016)
Dorm Parents / Education

Current Needs: 

Primary School
Teachers who can teach mixed-age classes in all subjects, so that we can expand the Primary Department.  Specialists in Special Needs, Music, Art and ICT are also needed.

Secondary School
Teachers who can teach upper or lower secondary in the following subjects:

  • History
  • Geography - Very Urgent for January 2015
  • ICT
  • English Language and Literature - Very Urgent for January 2015
  • Technology - resistant materials preferable
  • Art
  • Biology and or General Science
  • Music

(Some of these subject areas we are currently covering but need others to share the load. We would like to develop other subjects for which we have no teacher at present.)

Dormitory Staff
Both girls' and boys' hostels potentially accommodate 48 students each, but are not yet running at capacity, due to lack of dorm parents. An additional couple is needed for both the boys and girls dorms.

Construction Manager: For site support - an experienced structural engineer would be welcome, or a craftsman builder. Ideally, we require someone with experience of running their own business and working with staff.

We welcome volunteers able to come for at least 6 months, but preferably for the whole school year, January to December, or longer. All staff come on a missionary basis, fully supported financially by the home church.

Visit: http://www.amanocs.org 

[Updated 1/2/15]


Amano School
Secondary Teaching: sechead@amanocs.org 
Primary Teaching: primaryhead@amanocs.org
General Enquiries: frank.wittmann@amanocs.org

2015 School Year
Description Country Worker/Contact Time
Administration / Discipleship / Education

Spiritual and Educational leader for Christian school: There is a need for a Christian educator to move into the leadership of the Timothy Institute. This school has been operating as an outreach to the southern part of the city of Salta for 22 years. The school has a total of 350 students from kindergarten through high school.
Doug Baergen began the school and has worked with it for 20 years. It is time for new leadership on the highest level. The qualifications for the job are both spiritual and educational.

YouTube Videos: Click here
Missionary profile:http://www.cmml.us/missionaries/m326

[Updated 12/5/14]


Baergen, Doug

1-3 years

If there would be someone with good Internet capabilities and knowledge of  web sites and social networking, it would be very helpful in the work here both in the Christian school and in keeping our contact with our brothers and sisters in the homeland. This new opportunity would require some hours of work weekly or monthly but it would not require travel.  A knowledge of Spanish would be very helpful.

Website for the Baergens and The Timothy Institute: www.thebaergens.com

Missionary profile: http://www.cmml.us/missionaries/m326

[Added 12/5/14]

Argentina (US-based assistance)

Baergen, Doug

Construction / Maintenance / Teaching

Mission teams to do construction projects from adding a bedroom and bathroom and roof repair to building an entire house in the village.   

We also host guest speakers and teachers who feel called to come and hold workshops or conferences for the local pastors and people to attend.  There is very little Biblical teaching outside the church and the pastors receive hardly any, if any at all, training and teaching so they are always eager to be taught more.

For more information, visit: www.houseupontherock.net

Missionary profile: http://www.cmml.us/missionaries/m797

[Updated 12/5/14]

Dominican Republic

Branson, Paul & Sharyn

Teaching English

Trained ESL teacher (individual or couple) needed for a long-term position beginning immediately.

[Updated 12/5/14]

East Asia

Please contact Brian Kramer at CMML for more information


Long-term (Beginning Immediately)
Administration / Education / Food Service / Maintenance / Professional / Technical

Gospel School for the Deaf and Harland Hostel - Suva, Fiji Islands

1. Professional with Masters in Education of the Deaf to serve as Leader of Education for the Fiji Deaf Ministry.

2. Teachers of deaf children.

3. Bookkeeper/accountant

4. Sign language interpreters

5. Physical Ed teacher

6. Dance teacher

7. Mechanic

8. Art teacher

9. Chef

The top four are priorities.

Primary (Elementary) School with 60+ students. English speaking. 15 mainstreamed high school students. 4 hostels, housing 49 students. Brethren School.
Jim and Marilyn Cooney direct the Fiji Deaf Ministry. 401-782-3466

[Updated 12/5/14]

Fiji Islands

Cooney, James & Marilyn

Construction / Maintenance / Practical Helps

There is a specific need to help with tiling a floor and bathroom walls. 

Entrepierre Center:
 Please continue to pray for the extra help that we need to continue on with the physical part of the work here. We need a full-time helper or people who are willing to give a few weeks or months of their time. We need help with general building (drywall, insulation, plumbing, and tiling) and many other smaller projects.

Missionary profile: http://www.cmml.us/missionaries/m212

Ministry profile: http://www.cmml.us/missionaries/m832

[Updated 12/22/14]


Wastle, Dave & Judy

Library / Practical Helps

Work Type: Library help and some cleaning
Project Description: Labeling of library books at the Entrepierres Centre for the Care of Christian Workers, plus some cleaning of guest homes. Ideal if you are a young person (18-25) looking for a short-term missions experience. Come and improve your French as a bonus!
You are a fully committed follower of Jesus. You're a hard worker who is reliable, teachable and loves to serve others. You enjoy working on your own as well as with others. You are flexible, adaptable and can adjust easily to new surroundings. You have very few allergies or dietary restrictions and love to taste new foods.
Skills: none required - just a desire to serve.
Age: 18-25.
Experience: none required.
Cost: $100/week for living expenses; travel not included.
This is ideal for a young person who has finished high school, who loves to travel, who would like to practice their French, and would like to come and help us for a while. Please get in touch for more details!
Contact for more info:
Jonathan Ward
Missionary profile: http://www.cmml.us/missionaries/m210

Ministry profile: http://www.cmml.us/missionaries/m832

Website (French): www.pierresvivantes.org

[Updated 11/21/14]


Ward, Jonathan & Rachel

Counseling / Maintenance


- A skilled long-term French-speaking couple who can help us look after the buildings at Entrepierres.
- A French-speaking counselor (preferably female) to help relieve the load.

Entrepierres Center for the Care of Christian Workers is a place of rest, consultation and pastoral care for Christian workers serving within the French-speaking world.

Missionary profile: http://www.cmml.us/missionaries/m210

Ministry profile: http://www.cmml.us/missionaries/m832

Website (French): www.pierresvivantes.org

[Updated 12/22/14]


Ward, Jonathan and Rachel

Hospitality / Housekeeping / Landscaping / Practical Helps

Work Type: Cleaning and gardening at a retreat center for missionaries in France

The Entrepierres Center for the Care of Christian Workers is a beautiful place of rest, consultation and pastoral care for Christian workers serving within the French-speaking world (mainly Europe and Africa). We welcome over 200 missionaries per year. The average stay is for 1-2 weeks in one of our self-catering guest apartments. Many missionaries come feeling exhausted; others simply need to spend time as a family. We need help to make each apartment clean and comfortable, and to help maintain the flower beds. Knowledge of French is helpful but not essential.

To visit our website go to: www.pierresvivantes.org

Contact for more info: jonathan.ward@pierresvivantes.org

Missionary profile: http://www.cmml.us/missionaries/m210

Ministry profile: http://www.cmml.us/missionaries/m832

[Updated 12/22/14]


Ward, Jonathan and Rachel

3 months to 1 year
Discipleship / Evangelism / Hospitality / Housekeeping

Foyer Evangelique Universitaire (F.E.U.):

SHORT-TERM HELP NEEDED: It is possible to help in this work by coming as a college student and giving some of your free time to help out in the ministry (English Bible studies, volunteer ESL  teacher, maintenance, help with food bank for poor students, practical helps, etc.). If you are interested in short-term missions, Whether as a college student (or not), or if you are single and only have one or two semesters to dedicate to this task you are welcome to apply. You could also come and act as a team member, living either on the premises or in a fraternity of Christian college students. If you want to know more, drop us an email: contact@lefeu.org, and we’ll organize an interview by Skype. You can also visit our Website: www.lefeu.org. (French)

LONG-TERM HELP NEEDED: We are regularly looking for a full-time couple willing to serve by living on the premises in a missionary situation. Their role would be to help coordinate the work in fellowship with the college team and assembly board of directors. If apologetics in a post-modern world, discipleship, evangelism, and hospitality run in your blood, and if teamwork is your cup of tea, why not consider applying for this position with your spouse? If you are a couple, (children welcome), the commitment would preferably be two to four years. Some French speaking or at least a will to learn would be helpful. The college ministry is located in several cities in France.

The F.E.U. is present now in different university towns where it is possible to serve and study: Grenoble France, Lille, Besancon, and Clermont Ferrand.

[Updated 12/22/14] 


Tabailloux , Jean-Luc

Children's Work / Education / Medical / Practical Helps

UPDATED NOVEMBER 2014: A home for up to 10 elderly is being prepared at Accept Ministries. There will be a need for a couple to take care of them as full-time staff.

Volunteers are needed for the children’s ministry and medical care at the hospice. Also, we have been looking for a believer doctor who can work at least 4 hours part-time. Kindly consider it if the Lord moves your heart to help.

How can one be involved with Accept ministry?

1. Pray.
2. Come visit and encourage the staff, patients and children.
3. Volunteer your time by helping patients, children and staff. There is so much to be done, Like helping in different depts. like medical, office, kitchen, and field.
4. Provide some items that the needy can use.
5. Teach children general knowledge, spiritual classes, songs, and develop their skills.
6. Do some work in the field to help the income generation projects.
7. Take the children to your home for a meal and time of interaction.
8. Let your children spend time with them to help them understand the challenges they face in life.
9. As a family come and spend time at ACCEPT for a day, or stay in our volunteer rooms for a few days to help during your vacation.

We have made a documentary on these children that can be viewed on our website, at http://acceptindia.org/take-me-home-accept-new-video/

UPDATED: Accept Ministries is a 35-bed HIV hospice and 25-bed children’s home in Bangalore, managed by a board from five local assemblies.

Accept Ministries, Bangalore 


Missionary profile: http://www.cmml.us/missionaries/m138

[updated 11/21/14]


Mathew, Raju & Joyce

Anytime 1-3 months or longer
Children's Work / Education / Evangelism

Teams or individuals: Assist in door-to-door evangelism, open air evangelism, visitation, and children's work. People who have a lot of compassion for those who need help in reading, and also in growing in the Lord, or to assist in music, especially guitar, would be appreciated. Teams usually combine all of the above with a practical day of work, and then a weekend trip to Irish sites.

Individuals: We could use people with specialties, whether on a team, or individually.

Missionary profile: http://www.cmml.us/missionaries/m234

[Updated 1/10/15]


Moriarty, Jim & Kathy

Ongoing, 1 week to 1 year
Food Service / Landscaping / Literature / Maintenance / Practical Helps / Support / Teaching / Technical

In Ireland we need:

  • Two Secretaries
  • Office Administrator
  • Cook
  • Maintenance Man
  • Graphic Artist
  • Bible Teachers

Our biggest need at the moment is for someone to cook for the team at Charleville. We have 8 to 10 people year round who need to be fed, and additional influxes during the summer upwards to 50 to 80 people. 

We need a designer, literature distributor (someone who could shadow our current book room manager and help to manage our literature distribution to the schools), and a second full time secretary.

There are always needs for practical workers and skills. These needs include; general maintenance, plumbing, electrical, carpentry, tiling, gardening, landscaping, printing and collating, cooking, cleaning, office work, IT, database building, graphics design, and video editing. 

Website: www.irelandoutreach.org

[Updated 12/5/14]


Ireland Outreach International
Contact: Lucas Richard

Evangelism / Literature / Technical / Youth Work

PLEASE NOTE: All of the opportunities listed below are VOLUNTEER positions. Volunteers are required to raise their own financial support.

Students on a gap year are most welcome! 

Outreach Teams (14-20 days).
Literature, street, and door-to-door evangelism; creative evangelism - sports, drama, music, etc.; visitation of contacts.

Individual Longer term (3-12 months with possible extension to 2 years)
Work with youth and children; friendship evangelism and visiting contacts, etc.

Emmaus Bible Ministry: www.emmausnazareth.net

[Updated 11/21/14]


Khalil, George

2 weeks to 12 months
Maintenance / Medical / Practical Helps

Bet Shalom: Although we have increased our regular help with cooking, cleaning and laundry to five eight-hour shifts per week, the ongoing need is to have more full-time missionaries to share the 24-hour schedule. Anyone wanting to give a few weeks, a few months or years would be welcome to talk to us if you have a real heart to serve the elderly and the community where they live. We need regular activities for our seniors. These are outings and rehabilitation that our current full-time missionary couple can scarcely do on top of all their other day-to-day responsibilities.

We also need a regular maintenance person who will keep the equipment and structure in tip top condition.

Website: www.bet-shalom-hmam.com

Phone: 732-449-8880

Missionary profile: http://www.cmml.us/missionaries/m295  

[Added 10/28/14]


Cavanagh, Ron and Rose

Bet Shalom contact: Alisa Duncan

Construction / Renovation

Bethesda Christian Centre:

We are looking for workers who can come for a short or longer term visit to help with the renovation of the Bethesda Christian Centre located in the village of Zirnesti, Moldova. Once renovation is completed the centre will house a Medical Clinic, Nursing Home, Soup Kitchen and Coffeeshop, along with various other ministries. The urgent need during this period is for people who are skilled in plastering and rendering walls, tiling and the installation of suspended ceilings. Teams from assemblies would also be very welcome!

Link: Hillier_Bethesda Christian Centre Project.pdf

[Added 11/21/14]


Hillier, Matthew
(Eastwood Assembly, Sydney, Australia; Zirnesti Assembly,  Moldova)

Camp work / Literature / Medical / Practical Helps

We are undertaking a number of projects in the area and in 2010 established a mission base in the village of Zirnesti. God willing, next year we are planning to start a medical centre and nursing home ministry which will be in addition to other ministries that we are already undertaking (Postal Bible School, soup kitchen, children's camps, etc.).

We are very keen for brothers and sisters to come to visit us short term to assist with this. Both skilled and unskilled workers are needed.

[Added 12/22/14] 


Hillier, Matthew
(Eastwood Assembly, Sydney, Australia; Zirnesti Assembly,  Moldova)

Construction / Education / Technical

English Christian School. We are praying for an English Christian school to be used both as a tool and contact point for evangelism in this part of the country. We want to see the future destiny and leadership of this country transformed by the youths of today who are but leaders of tomorrow. We believe that, if we want to affect the future of a nation then we need to begin to impact and influence the youths of today and we believe one of the keys to that is quality education. Especially if offered by God fearing men and women.

The plan is to join hands with other ministries like mission bodies or Bible schools especially those who are offering teaching as a trade to those being trained as missionaries. Or individual believers who are teachers by profession who want to serve God using their profession as missionaries.  

We are overjoyed to announce to you all that, we have finally gotten land for the school in very conducive area. We are now working on the legalisation of it and on the documentation of the school. We are still praying for someone to do design and plan for the school. 

[Updated 10/27/14]


Lukanga, Chrissy & Sue

Administration / Agriculture / Construction / Education / Evangelism / Teaching / Technical

In Nigeria we need:

  • School Administrator
  • Teachers
  • Agricultural Specialist
  • Construction Supervisor
  • Construction Workers
  • Water Drilling Engineer
  • General Administrator
  • Evangelists
  • Bible Teachers

Website: www.irelandoutreach.org

[Updated 1/3/15]


Ireland Outreach International

Contact: irelandoutreach@gmail.com


A Brethren-operated hospital in Kaghan Valley run by Akash Christian Society is very short of doctors and other medical staff.

For more information, see http://www.akash.org.pk/

Hospital blog: http://www.akash.org.pk/wpblog/

[Updated 12/5//14]


Laldin, Haroon (Pakistan)

Administration / Professional

Christian Books Melanesia has a need for an accountant to serve either short term (for 3 to 6 months) or (preferably) longer term (for 2 to 3 years). CBM is an Assembly ministry that produces literature for Papua New Guinea and the Pacific region and distributes through 10 Bible Bookstores throughout the country. The PNG brother who managed the accounting department needed to leave suddenly due to his family situation, and CBM definitely needs help. Anyone wishing for more information can write to Walter Wetzel at cbmpng@online.net.pg


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Papua New Guinea

Christian Books Melanesia
Walter Wetzel, General Manager

Howard, Reggie & Susan


There is a unique opportunity to teach science at the university level in a closed country. If you have at least a Master’s degree in some area of business, agriculture, life sciences, or medicine, and are interested in this opportunity, please contact Brian Kramer, CMML Short-Term Opportunity Coordinator, bjkramer@cmml.us.

[Updated 1/10/15]

Special Areas

Contact bjkramer@cmml.us for more information. 

Construction / Literature / Practical Helps / Teaching

There are a variety of opportunities to help in Uganda – where our African brothers and sisters speak English.
1. Bible Teaching opportunities to teach adults and young people of all ages.
2. A Printer to come print various literature projects.
3. An Artist to come work with Ugandan young people paitning murals in our youth rooms.
4. There is a need for someone to come help do some sewing projects.

Missionary profile: http://www.cmml.us/missionaries/m473

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Cullen, Bob & Sue

Construction / Education / Maintenance

We are down to 3 full-time teachers and 2 part-time teachers (one is a dorm parent and one is the principal). We still have 9 grades to cover!

Sakeji Mission School is always looking for individuals to teach, whether it be for one term (10-12 weeks) or for long term. There are many areas for spouses (of the teacher) to be used as well. Reading with children, bike repair, home repairs, dorm supervision and many other things. If interested check out their website www.sakeji.com

We are still praying that the Lord would provide more permanent teaching staff. Immediate needs are for Grade 2-3 and Grade 4-5 teachers.  There are ongoing short-term opportunities for teaching and construction/maintenance.

Please contact Mark Ronald at headmaster@sakeji.com

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Ronald, Mark

Construction / Medical

There is a new need for construction oversight and a nurse to provide medical training:

There is a need for nurses, midwives, doctors and "helpers" both long and short term.

Chitokoloki Mission Hospital

Missionary profile: http://www.cmml.us/missionaries/m604

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Hanna, Gordon


Any surgeons exercised to spend short or long periods of time helping at Kalene Mission Hospital are encouraged to do so.

Kalene Mission Hospital is a 170 bed mission hospital in the North West Province of Zambia. This is in a very underdeveloped rural area, and is providing a medical service to a large catchment area, which includes patients from Angola and the Democratic Republic of Congo. The hospital includes a full range of services [medicine, surgery, pediatrics, O&G, HIV medicine, tuberculosis program etc.]. General information about the hospital is available at www.kalenehospital.com.

Missionary profile: http://www.cmml.us/missionaries/m732

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Turner, Alice

Hospital Administrator: Martin Mahenga

Dorm Parents / Education / Maintenance

Some of our full time staff are leaving, so we need other teachers and dormitory staff to come join us.

Amano needs more help on the building site and with maintenance. A single man, someone retired or even a couple (he could help with the building site & she could help in the dorm or school) would be an answer to prayer.

Amano website: http://amanocs.org/

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Amano School
McCaffrey, Brian & Sandra




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Construction opportunities:

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For more information on the countries listed above, see the following:

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