Clothing Center

New (and almost new) garments are available free of charge to commended workers and missionaries as needed. Clothing as well as funds to purchase clothing are contributed from near and far and the clothing center is organized and maintained by volunteer help. Those wishing to send clothing for the clothing center are asked to be sure the garments are new or almost new.  If "almost new" they should be free of stains and not in need of any repair.

Clothing Donations should be mailed to:
     CMML Clothing Center
     2751 18th Avenue & Bailey's Corner Road
     Wall, NJ 07719


Items needed: NEW cosmetics and toiletries:

men's/ladies' disposable razors
men's shaving cream
men's/ladies' antiperspirant/deodorant
non-aerosol hair spray
NEW lipstick/lip balm
NEW hairbrushes/combs

Regular-sized or travel sized-items are appreciated as people have weight limits when they travel. Some families use the regular-sized articles when staying in the States.











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