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July 2015 Editorial: The Savior of the World
June 2015 Editorial: Give Me a Man
May 2015 Editorial: Mothers Who Made a Difference
April 2015 Editorial: A Day Like No Other
March 2015 Editorial: My Anchor Holds!
February 2015 Editorial: Boldness: An Essential Missionary Trait
January 2015 Editorial: What Will We Leave?
December 2014 Editorial: The Christmas Story According to Jesus
November 2014 Editorial: Fruit or Leaves
September/October 2014 Editorial: Depression and Burnout
August 2014 Editorial: Why the Word of God is So Important
July 2014 Editorial: All the King's Men
June 2014 Editorial: Patience
May 2014 Editorial: God Opened the Prison Doors
April 2014 Editorial: Now Appearing
March 2014 Editorial: Commitment or Compromise
February 2014 Editorial: The Optimism of Gospel Outreach
January 2014 Editorial: New Beginnings
December 2013 Editorial: The Importance of the Gift
November 2013 Editorial: Thanksgiving
September/October 2013 Editorial: Renewing Spiritual Vitality
August 2013 Editorial: When God Says "No"
July 2013 Editorial: The Prison Harvest Fields
June 2013 Editorial: My Father's House
May 2013 Editorial: I'll Love You Forever
April 2013 Editorial: Bible Translation and Human Progress
March 2013 Editorial: An Empty Tomb or a Tomb with Bones?
February 2013 Editorial: Challenges In Cross-Cultural Evangelism
January 2013 Editorial: The Kingdom of Heaven is at Hand
December 2012 Editorial: He was Manifested
November 2012 Editorial: Little Events and the Big Picture
October 2012 Editorial: God's Sufficiency
August/September 2012 Editorial: Why Did God Allow This to Happen
July 2012 Editorial: With Eternity in View
June 2012 Editorial: The Need for Encouragement!
May 2012 Editorial: Always on Time
April 2012 Editorial: Hallelujiah! What a Savior!
March 2012 Editorial: Two Charcoal Fires
February 2012 Editorial: Sleeping Witnesses?
January 2012 Editorial: I Lay Down My Life for the Sheep
December 2011 Editorial: Disappointed Workers
October/November 2011 Editorial: Preaching Without Being Preachy
September 2011 Editorial: Faithful
August 2011 Editorial: Intrepid Christianity
July 2011 Editorial: Ready
June 2011 Editorial: That Great City
May 2011 Editorial: Spiritual Entropy

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