Missionary Orientation Program

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MOP's Mission

The Missionary Orientation Program (MOP) exists to equip Christian mission workers to thrive in their initial adaptation to the field and sensitize them to crucial issues of living and making disciples in a cross-cultural environment.

Next MOP Training: June 2-9, 2023
What is MOP?

MOP seeks to better prepare those considering the mission field or recently commended to missionary work overseas. MOP's purpose is that of assistance to those who are commended to or strongly considering full-time service in a foreign land by providing essential training in vital areas of cross-cultural life and ministry.

The Big Picture

MOP identifies the factors that contribute to missionary attrition before they become issues on the field. This is done through the teaching of various seminars that focus on areas including the biblical perspective of missions, the missionary call and guidance, cross-cultural evangelism, interpersonal relationships, stewardship, accountability, and commendation.

Partial List of Seminar Topics:

  • Biblical perspective of missions
  • Philosophy and strategy of missions
  • Commendation, stewardship, and accountability
  • Relating to other cultures
  • Cross-cultural security issues
  • Interpersonal relationships
  • Spiritual warfare
  • Language acquisition and aptitude
  • Evangelism methods

MOP Instructors:

  • Phil & Marilyn Barnes: MSC Canada; former missionaries in Zimbabwe
  • Paul & Carol Bramsen: Missionaries in Senegal
  • Joel & Amy Hernandez: CMML; former missionaries in Mexico
  • Phil & Mary Parsons: CMML; former missionaries in the Philippines

Plus other missionaries, staff, and associates from CMML and MSC Canada.

Attendee Qualifications

Candidates must receive approval from their elders to attend MOP. The elders should send written recommendations to CMML or MSC along with the registration form.

Registration is closed.